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Cities Skylines 2 modding is of “high priority” going into next year

Cities Skylines 2 modding remains an incredibly high priority for Colossal Order in 2024, as the CEO outlines the broad plans for next year.

Cities Skylines 2 modding high priority: an aerial view of a winding highway

The last major piece of Colossal Order correspondence for Cities Skylines 2 in 2023 is here, as CEO Mariina Hallikainen outlines what the team will be working on come 2024: official modding support is of a high priority, while the console ports, expansion pass, bug fixes, and more round out CO’s plans. There’s also a new patch coming this week, with two new maps planned for the game.

Cities Skylines 2 continues to see constant communication from Colossal Order and Hallikainen, as the team chose to not delay the city-building game and instead release it with plans for plenty of fixes and improvements. Now, we know what to expect from a patch later this week, alongside the plans for 2024.

A “holiday gift” in the patch includes two brand new Cities Skylines 2 maps. There’s a flatlands-style map with completely leveled landscapes, and another that has an eternal sun, no rain, and steady warm temperatures.

While you can download Cities Skylines 2 mods right now, the official support from Paradox isn’t complete, but Hallikainen notes how it’s one of the top priorities for CS2 in 2024.

“Bringing the mod support to the game is a high priority. This includes the map editor, code modding support, and the asset editor. The asset editor is the part that is most behind the schedule, but we will continue to work on it in January. We’ll be releasing Development Diaries related to the modding, and run an early access program for modders to try the tools before their release.”

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Colossal Order is also still working on the console versions of CS2 and will make sure they have modding support on release, while the Cities Skylines 2 DLC is still on hold as fixes remain a higher priority. It’s added that progress has already been made on the first Asset Pack, Content Creator Packs, and Radio Stations” though, so CO has made a start at least.

CO also isn’t satisfied with its current performance and bug-fixing work and will steadily continue with it. “To be honest, this is work that we’ll continue throughout the lifetime of the game, as I believe there’s always something we can improve upon, but the biggest remaining offenders should be sorted out during the spring,” Hallikainen adds.

Hallikainen had to release an apology recently after a “poor choice of words” on the CS2 forums, but they’ve definitely at least endeavored to have a constant line of communication with players, which seems to be taking a short break after this forum post until the new year.

In the meantime, you can brush up on everything you need to know about Cities Skylines 2 roads alongside all the other management games that’ll keep you busy over the holidays.

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