Cities Skylines 2 parking lots will really get your traffic flowing

Cities Skylines 2 is set to have a lot of new features, but all you granular gamers can expect massive traffic improvements from Colossal Order.

Cities Skylines 2 fans rejoice, the upcoming city-building game from Colossal Order promises to completely revamp and improve on every minor detail. From Cities Skylines 2‘s traffic to seasons, there’s a lot to get hype about before the Cities Skylines 2 release date this year.

A lot of improvements are coming to Cities Skylines 2, and while some might seem small on the surface they very quickly add up and show how Colossal Order is making a definitive version of its massive management game.

“It supports a redesigned economic system which is built on real-life economic models,” Colossal Order CEO Mariina Hallikainen says. “This means that citizens in Cities: Skylines 2 earn money and spend it on living, traveling, and activities in their free time.”

Don’t worry though, all you traffic flow aficionados also have something to celebrate as Cities Skylines 2 finally adds parking lots to the game. That’s right, this should really get your traffic flowing, if you know what I mean.

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“Another cool and new thing is the introduction of parking spaces,” Hallikainen adds. “Which really makes the cities feel more realistic. The citizens need to find a parking space and that will further drive up the importance of handling roads and traffic.”

These changes come as all the vehicle pathfinding and traffic AI have undergone a complete rework. Some cars will now change lanes for emergency vehicles on the move, and it’s all in an effort to give you more in-depth management opportunities.

This isn’t just it either, as seasonal weather can also impact the above systems too. “Seasonal variations will have an impact on the electricity consumption, traffic, and weather which will give players additional problems to adjust to,” Hallikainen tells Xbox Wire.

Cities Skylines 2 parking lots will really get your traffic flowing

Cities Skylines 2 clearly represents Colossal Order trying to create a much more in-depth base game to expand upon. The original Cities Skylines launched all the way back in 2015 and had a slew of DLC that’s only now coming to a close with the final Cities Skylines DLC releasing, so enhancing the building blocks with Cities Skylines 2 appeals to all of us that want an experience with more depth, which can then be widened into an ocean.

Make sure your PC is ready for Colossal Order’s next game with the Cities Skylines 2 system requirements, or you can give the original game one last hurrah and completely change it up with these Cities Skylines mods we think are essential downloads.