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The final Cities Skylines DLC takes you on holiday before its sequel

Cities Skylines DLC Hotels and Retreats is the last expansion for the city-building game, focusing on tourist resorts with a May release date on Steam and Epic.

The final Cities Skylines DLC Hotels and Retreats gets a release date on Steam and Epic. With the Cities Skylines 2 release date on the calendar for 2023, it’s time for one last outing in the original Paradox city-building game. Rather fittingly, then, it’s time to pack your bags and passport as this ultimate Cities Skylines expansion takes us all on a relaxing holiday break.

Cities Skylines Hotels and Retreats focuses on building your city into the ultimate tourist destination, with options for all manner of resorts, hostels, conference hotels, spa resorts, roadside motels, deluxe hi-rises, and even floating ocean getaways. You’ll kick off the expansion with access to just a small hotel chain, but will unlock increasingly specialised accommodation options as you progress.

You’ll have to manage your hotels and the various parks, restaurants, cafés, and entertainment facilities populating your getaway destination. You’ll have to pick out the perfect location for each hotel resort to catch the appropriate tourist market – whether that be party-minded youths on a cheap getaway or big business types heading out for a luxury conference.

Cities Skylines - a stadium lit up in a built-up, brightly lit Vegas-style city with a giant Pyramid hotel visible nearby

The Hotels and Retreats expansion also includes five maps to help really capture that holiday resort vibe: three maps inspired by various popular European getaway destinations, one tropical map, and one more temperate map.

Arriving alongside this last expansion are another three content creator packs. Brooklyn and Queens, by ‘Prosper,’ is a set of over 60 buildings and props perfect for crafting that iconic New York-style medium-rise, high density residential city. Industrial Evolution, by Samantha ‘Avanya’ Woods, features 70 industrial buildings ranging from brick factories with smoke stacks to more contemporary modern industry looks

Finally, the Railroads of Japan pack, by Ryuichi Kaminogi, is – as you might already have guessed – all about capturing the feel of exploring the towns and countryside of Japan by train. With a range of railroad and metro stations and their accompanying train designs, along with a bus depot, parks, and numerous other buildings and props, you’ll be able to create your own idyllic Japanese rail adventure.

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Cities Skylines Hotels and Retreats release date

The Cities Skylines Hotels and Retreats release date is May 23. The expansion is coming to both the Steam and Epic store versions of the city builder, so you’ll be able to pick it up on your platform of choice. Also releasing on May 23 are the next three content creator packs: Railroads of Japan, Brooklyn and Queens, and Industrial Evolution.

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