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Cities: Skylines has free weekend going right now, along with a sale on all DLC

cities skylines free weekend

With SimCity’s best days now in the pretty distant past, Cities: Skylines has taken the crown as the best city builder available today. Now, for what the folks in the commercials call ‘a limited time,’ it’s playable for free on Steam.

Yes, the definition of free weekend is now stretchy enough to include half of the week beforehand, because Cities: Skylines’ free weekend is already in progress. The event runs through Sunday, February 11 at 13:00 PT / 16:00 ET / 21:00 GMT, and if you’re unwilling to let your precious cities go at that time there’s also a solid on the game itself until February 12. The 75% discount brings the price down to $7.49 / £5.74 / €6.99.

The event’s not a bust if you already own Skylines, either, since the full list of DLC is also cheaper this weekend. You can get 50% off all the major pieces of content from After Dark to Mass Transit, though the most recent Green Cities expansion is just 10% off. Still that’s a lot of savings on some solid DLC.

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