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Free Games: Rainbow Six Siege free weekend begins February 15

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Update, February 15: The Rainbow Six Siege free weekend begins in a few hours.

If you’ve been considering getting into Rainbow Six Siege, this weekend might be a good place to get started. Starting in a few hours, the game will be free to play until Sunday.

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You can access the free weekend through both Steam and Uplay, from 18:00 GMT (10:00 PST), and you can pre-load beginning now. According to an announcement from Ubisoft, players will have access to the full Rainbow Six Siege experience, with all maps, modes, and operators available to play.

If you like what you see, Siege will be available at 30% off across all platforms. If you do choose to hang around, you’ll retain all of the progress you’ve made over the weekend, which will carry over into the full game - unless, that is, you choose to purchase the Standard edition on PC.

Right now is a pretty good time to figure out what all the fuss is about. The Six Invitational is underway now, and we’re not far off the launch of the new Operation Chimera expansion. Along with new operators, Chimera also heralds the arrival of Outbreak - Rainbow Six Siege’s PvE experience pitting players against powerful monsters.

Original story, February 6: If you’ve yet to dive into the competitive action of Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft are providing the perfect opportunity with a free weekend. Running alongside the Six Invitational, you’ll have the chance to dive in with full access to all the maps, modes, and operators.

On PC, the free weekend will run February 15-18, though Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will enjoy extended stays to February 19 and 20, respectively. Progress will carry over to the full game, though only if you purchase something beyond the starter edition.

Siege will also be 50% off alongside the free weekend, though details on exactly how long the sale will go on PC - and whether that covers the Steam or Uplay version - have yet to be revealed.

It’ll be a big weekend for Siege fans in general. In addition to the Six Invitational in Montreal, a full reveal for the upcoming Operation Chimera and Outbreak event is scheduled for February 18.

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