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Civilization 6 Leader Pass DLC Great Commanders pack is out now

Tokugawa, Nader Shah, and Suleiman the Magnificent arrive in the second Civilization 6 Leader Pass DLC pack, with unique new abilities and mechanics

Civilization 6 Leader Pass DLC: Nader Shah, wearing a crown and holding a sceptre, spreads his arms defiantly

The second Civilization 6 Leader Pass DLC pack is out now, adding three new national leaders to the 4X game. This pack includes three historic commanders: Japan’s Tokugawa, Persia’s Nader Shah, and the Ottoman Empire’s Suleiman the Magnificent.

Historically known as a brilliant strategist and military leader, Tokugawa’s Sakoku agenda edict makes him scorn civs who have conquered other civs’ original capitals. His base ability, Bakuhan, gives penalties to international traded, but bonuses to domestic trade routes for each specialty district present at their destination. Combine that with bonuses to every city within six tiles of Japan’s capital, and you have every reason to build high and tight, covering as many tiles as possible with districts.

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Nader Shah began life as a slave, but eventually became the richest man in the world, not to mention a celebrated military commander. His unique Sword of Persia ability grants +5 combat strength while attacking units that have full health, which combines well with Persia’s special early Immortals units. Nader Shah can create a massive trade empire through conquest, thanks to the bonus Sword of Persia grants to cities Nader Shah doesn’t found.

Suleiman the Magnificent of the Ottoman Empire was a military reformer, poet, and patron of the arts. In Civilization VI, he likes civs that are going through golden ages, being that he oversaw a cultural golden age himself. His ability is The Magnificent, which grants +15% to science and culture while in a golden age. When the Ottomans aren’t in a golden age, the ability grants +4 combat strength to units fighting units whose civs also are not in a golden age.

The Leader Pass will eventually add 18 new leaders to Civilization VI through periodic DLC packs scheduled to launch through March 2023.