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Civilization devs have “several” games in development that will be revealed “this year”

We're soon going to learn what Firaxis is working on next

Civ 6

Civilization VI has had a successful run, and Take-Two has dedicated space all over its latest financial report to marking the 4X game’s sales. It looks like big things are on the way from developer Firaxis, too, as the studio has “several” games to reveal sometime later in the year.

Firaxis has “several exciting projects in development that will be revealed this year,” Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick says in today’s financial report. There’s no word on what those games are or precisely when that reveal will take place, but Take-Two will be taking part in E3 2021 in June, which would be an ideal place to see whatever Firaxis might be working on next.

At 57 million units sold, Civilization is one of Take-Two’s best-selling series, just behind Red Dead Redemption at 60 million and Borderlands at 70 million. (NBA at 111 million and GTA at 345 million are way ahead, though.) Civilization VI alone has sold 11 million units, as revealed during today’s conference call.

Firaxis is best known for Civ and the modern XCOM reboot at this point, but we learned way back in 2018 that it’s working on a new IP, as well. Of course, there’s no telling whether that game is still in development, but it sounds like exciting things are in store at Firaxis either way.

It’s probably about time to revisit our Civ 7 wish list, too…