Civilization 6’s newest leader, Kublai Khan, will conquer the world through trade

This new leader is an economic powerhouse for both scientific and domination victory types

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January 28, 2021 The Civ 6 Vietnam and Kublai Khan pack is out now on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Civilization VI’s latest New Frontier Pass pack, the Vietnam and Kublai pack, is due out on Thursday and we’ve just been given details on how new Civ 6 leader Kublai Khan will play. The grandson of Ghengis Khan is being introduced as a new leader option for two existing civilizations – China and Mongolia – and he offers an economic playstyle that will favour both a scientific and a domination victory in the iconic 4X game.

Kublai Khan’s special ability is called ‘Gerege’, and it provides one extra economic policy slot for any and every government you run. It also grants a random eureka and inspiration when you establish a trading post in another civilization’s city for the first time.

Depending on which civilisation you decide to lead, this ability will lend itself to quite different strategies. The Chinese civ’s ability will provide an extra 10% of the science and culture costs for researching techs or civics for every eureka and inspiration. Since Kublai Khan’s ability provides more of both of these, your science and culture game will be strong.

It’s worth noting though that trade posts don’t get created until the trade route gets completed the first time, so you will need to make sure those caravans are protected.

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Mongolia offers a more militaristic playstyle. Their special ability immediately creates a trading post in the destination city for a trade route, instead of when it’s completed. You also get extra diplomatic visibility with civs that have one of your trading posts. The combat bonus for each level of diplomatic visibility you have over another civ is also doubled.

Either way, Kublai Khan will allow you to take advantage of more economic policies, so focusing on trade and commercial leaning-governments will allow you to take full advantage of all the trading you’ll be doing.

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The Civilization 6 New Frontier Pass – Vietnam and Kublai Khan pack will be released January 28, 2021 on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store for $8.99 / £7.39.