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Will Clockwork Revolution be on Game Pass?

The time-warp steampunk FPS game Clockwork Revolution looks to change the fabric of reality itself, but will it appear on Game Pass?

Clockwork Revolution Game Pass: a human-shaped robot gesturing to an actual human.

Will Clockwork Revolution be on Game Pass? Living in a city curated by subtle changes to the space-time continuum is most certainly a choice. Avalon, the city in question, is that place; an area that changes depending on who’s been meddling in the past. It’s the setting for Clockwork Revolution and is where our protagonist’s journey takes place.

The Clockwork Revolution release date is still a mystery to us, but it is coming, like the unstoppable tide. Where you’ll be able to purchase the FPS game, though, we do know. Will it be acquired via Steam (other digital storefronts may be available), or will Clockwork Revolution appear on Game Pass?

Clockwork Revolution Game PAss: a person looks on at a poster, defaced with graffiti.

Will Clockwork Revolution be on Game Pass?

Yes, Clockwork Revolution will appear on Game Pass, on day one, no less. Clockwork Revolution will also be available on Steam and can be added to your wishlist right now. We don’t have a firm release date just yet, but it’s something to keep an eye on.

Clockwork Revolution is all about going back in time to change how things are in the future. The description of Avalon, the city that you call home, states that it has been build on these changes, with a mish-mash of styles and influences that have a habit of changing. If only we could go forward to play Clockwork Revolution now, eh?

Now that you know you’ll be able to get your filthy paws on Clockwork Revolution via Game Pass, the only thing left to do is wait. While you wait, you might as well play some other games, eh? We have the list of the best new PC games here, the best upcoming games, and if the best action-adventure games, if you want something slightly different.