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Clockwork Revolution release date estimate, trailers, and latest news

Everything that has been revealed about the Clockwork Revolution release date, footage from trailers and the latest news for the FPS RPG.

Clockwork Revolution release date - a golden statue of the founder of the utopian city.

When is the Clockwork Revolution release date? Inspired by steampunk first-person RPGs such as BioShock Infinite, Clockwork Revolution is the latest game from InXile Entertainment, whose previous games include the Wasteland series. However, the big hook of this game is that your actions in the past affect the future – be that for the greater good or in unforeseen bad ways.

It’s a fascinating premise, but at this rate, it may take a while for Clockwork Revolution to come out. That said, there are plenty of RPG games out there worthy of your attention. Before you take your first steps in changing the city of Avalon, here’s everything we currently know about the Clockwork Revolution release date, as well as all trailers and gameplay details revealed so far.

Clockwork Revolution release date - a robot butler prepped to fight.

Clockwork Revolution release date estimate

Our current estimate is that the Clockwork Revolution release date will be sometime in 2025, and the game will launch on PC via Steam and Microsoft Store, as well as the Xbox Series X|S consoles.

The reason for our estimate is that since the game was announced during the Microsoft 2023 Showcase in June, we’ve not heard any new details. This is usually a good indication that we’re not likely to be playing it anytime in the next year or so. We’ll, of course, update this with the officially announced release date when Microsoft or InXile Entertainment announces this.

Clockwork Revolution is an Xbox Game Studios-produced game from one of its internal studios, so the chances of it becoming available on Game Pass are very high. This is a similar practice to how all other internal Microsoft projects are funded, with them immediately becoming available on the service.

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Clockwork Revolution trailers

The Clockwork Revolution trailer we got during the Microsoft Xbox Showcase in June 2023 outlines the premise where we play as a revolutionary fighter rising up against the rule of Lady Ironwood despite living in the relatively peaceful and prosperous town of Avalon. With a network of suspended railroads and steam-powered Automatons showing how far beyond what’s otherwise possible at the time, it bears some similarities to the likes of Rapture or Columbia from the BioShock series.

However, all is not well, as some still rise to wrestle away Lady Ironwood’s grasp on power, one of them being the player character, Morgan. Armed with the power to reverse and alter time itself, there are moments in the trailer where her choices change the future so dramatically that the brightly colored town becomes a dilapidated fascist police state where armed androids patrol the streets. We also briefly see a character named Alfie, who has a beard so ridiculous that we’re pretty sure he went to Sonic’s Doctor Eggman for style tips.

That’s everything we know about the Clockwork Revolution release date, and it will be a while until we find out more about InXile Entertainment’s latest game. In the meantime, there are a huge number of upcoming PC games coming in the future that you should check out, or alternatively see what the best PC games are from the past year.