Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes June 2023

With the instant cash injection from these Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes, you’ll be able to expand your Roblox empire and crush your competition with ease.

A coal mining tycoon rides his minecart along a track surrounded by green grass and trees.

June 1, 2023: We checked for new Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes to add to our list.

Want all of the new Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes? Becoming an industry giant in Roblox sometimes requires a bit more than hard work, occasionally you’ll need a little helping hand to get your business off the ground, so with that, we’ve gathered every code for the Roblox game here.

The free PC game tasks you with building a base of operations, and mining the nearby caves for precious coal. The more coal you gather, the more your Roblox operation can expand – but how do you get your start in the earth-moving business? Utilise the Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes below to build your base and begin your dominance.

A white humanoid rides their minecart, full of coal, back to their base.

New Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes

Try redeeming the Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes in the list below:

  • 15MV1S1TS – 60k cash
  • 10MV1S1TS – 100k cash
  • SillyLittleRock – 1k cash
  • FR3310K – 10k cash

Expired codes:

  • 2MV1S1TS – 50k cash
  • FR3310K – 10k cash
  • 100KV1S1TS – 50k cash
  • 250KV1S1TS – 50k cash

How do I redeem Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes?

If you’re after free cash, you’ll first have to learn how to redeem Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes. Thankfully, the process is quite simple, just follow the steps below:

  • While in an active game of Coal Miner Tycoon 2, click the ‘tick’ icon to the left of the screen.
  • Enter the code in the box.
  • Click ‘Redeem’.
  • Enjoy your new riches!

What are Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes?

Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes are gifts given by the developers, Devo Studio, for certain milestones hit within the game. So far, they’ve all been based on how many visits the Roblox game gets from players. The codes so far have all been for in-game cash.

How do I get more Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes?

The main page for Coal Miner Tycoon 2 is the place to visit for codes the second they’re released, as well as this page, which we’ll be updating regularly to ensure you always have the latest Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes.

Now that you have all the free cash that Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes afford, it’s time to get out there, get on your cart, and start building your empire. If you enjoy free gifts, we also have Project Mugetsu codes, Midnight Sun codes, and Clicker Mining codes, if you just can’t get enough manual labour. There is also our list of best Roblox games if you need some inspiration on what to play next.