Demon Slayer Midnight Sun codes December 2023

Improve your Demon Slayer life with these Midnight Sun codes and free clan rerolls so you can slay your way through the popular Roblox game.

A blocky white human with long blonde hair sits and meditates in a wooden hut.

July 10, 2023: We checked for new Midnight Sun codes to add to our list.

What are the new Midnight Sun codes? The anime-inspired Roblox game tasks you with either being a demon slayer or becoming a demon, and while you can earn everything you need for your journey through hard work and your precious time, it’s always good to know if there are any Demon Slayer Midnight Sun codes to help you along the way.

Born into a clan and sent off into the wild world of Demon Slayer, you must prove yourself against evil or succumb to it and become the scourge that stalks the landscape. There is also a significant PvP element to the Roblox game. With such endeavors, it always helps to grab every advantage you can if you plan on dominating the opposition. With that, are there any Demon Slayer Midnight Sun codes available to help you in the action-adventure game?

New Midnight Sun codes

Currently, no active Demon Slayer Midnight Sun codes exist, but we will update our list as soon as they become available.

How do I redeem Midnight Sun codes?

There are currently no active codes and, therefore, no way to redeem them. We will update this guide as soon as they become available with the method to redeem them.

Midnight Sun codes: a green-haired character standing in a building with a bird on their shoulder.

How do I get more Midnight Sun codes?

If there are to be any Midnight Sun codes in the future, the best place to look if you want them the second they drop is the game’s Discord server, where the developers post constant updates about the adventure game and any freebies they want to dole out.

Free Midnight Sun clan rerolls

To claim the free rerolls, open Demon Slayer Midnight Sun via its Roblox page. Begin the game and place yourself into a clan. You’re given an opportunity to change your birthright a single time. However, five free Clan rerolls are hidden away in the menus if you change your mind later.

To use the free clan rerolls:

  • Open the main menu.
  • Click on ‘Shop’.
  • Use the clan reroll option in the shop – five rerolls are available for free.

Now that you know about Midnight Sun codes and the fact that there are currently none, it’s time to get out there and do it the hard way. If you’re looking for something else to play, we have the best Roblox games in 2023 or, better yet, the best PC games ever. We also keep regularly updated lists of Shinobi Life 2 codes and Project Mugetsu codes if you’re looking for more anime-inspired fun. If you’re down for something a little sillier, we recommend our Punch Wall codes for you.