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Conan Exiles leaves Early Access in 2018 with new biomes and revamped combat

conan exiles new combat release date

Conan Exiles, which you may remember as “that barbarian survival game with the penis slider,” released in January of this year as all survival games do: in Early Access. It’s gotten big updates in that time, like Zelda-style climbing and the massive Frozen North expansion, and it looks like the finish line is finally in sight.

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Conan Exiles releases May 8, 2018 for $39.99 USD, leaving Early Access with that coveted 1.0 moniker. Alongside the full release, the game will get a new volcano area and jungle biome, totally revamped combat, and a non-specific set of new gameplay mechanics.

If you’re all in on those Hyborian adventures, you may also be interested in the Limited Collector’s Edition, which features a six-inch Conan figure, an original comic, an artbook, soundtracks from Exiles and Age of Conan, and a full-cor map of the Conan Exiles world. All that plus more digital comics, a Coming of Conan ebook novel, and a digital version of the Conan RPG rulebook.

No online game these days is ever truly “done,” of course, and the developers promise continued support for Exiles even after the official launch. There’s no limit to how far you can theoretically push the endowment slider, after all. Sometime after Conan Exiles finishes up, however, Funcom have plans in mind for another entry in the Conan franchise.