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Content Warning now has more weird freaky things to film

The first major update for chaotic multiplayer game Content Warning adds a bunch of new strange things to the already strange game.

Content Warning more viewers: a group of space travellers standing in a green field.

The lesson of Content Warning is that it’s way more fun to be scared when your friends are filming it. The goofy (and surprisingly scary) game has just gotten its first major update, and now there’s a bunch more stuff in the Old World to film and/or be terrified by. Plus: hats!

The latest patch for Content Warning adds a total of 13 new monsters to the co-op game, which you’ll have to go exploring to find. There’s more to explore now, too: the update also adds a new map to creep around in. You may wind up there sooner than you expect, since the level selection in the Old World is now random. There’s a new cursed item down there to find, too, so make sure to keep those flashlight batteries fresh.

Fortunately, if you fall down a deep dark hole of some kind, help is (potentially) available in the form of the new rescue hook item.

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The developers have also added a new currency called MetaCoins, which can be used to purchase upgrades for your sky island, as well as hats for your characters – these can be found, of course, in the new hat shop. There’s also a new mirror in your house to check your look.

Another new addition in this update is sponsored video deals. You can start accepting these after the first week is over.

The patch also adds some balance changes to Content Warning’s various monsters, makes some improvements to audio, and boosts the range at which player voices can be heard – all handy stuff. Modded matchmaking has also been reworked, and video network performance has been improved so you can extract from the Old World faster (in some cases, the devs add).

You can read the full patch notes on Steam. You can check out the Content Warning system requirements if you’re thinking about diving in, or browse our list of the best horror games for PC.

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