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You can even buy colored thermal paste now, thanks to Cooler Master

For some reason, the new Cooler Master Cryofuze 5 thermal grease range comes in a range of colors, including, blue, red, green, and yellow.

PC cooling specialist Cooler Master has just unveiled a new colored thermal paste range, with its latest grease coming in several bright hues, including green, red, and yellow. In fact, the blobs of Cooler Master Cryofuze 5 paste in the publicity shots look more like tasty mini M&Ms to us than the usual grey goo.

This isn’t the first time Cooler Master has added a splash of color to the usually drab world of thermal interface material, as its purple Cryofuze Violet has already been out for a while, as shown in the video below. While I usually love to see bright colors in PC builds, though, I can’t help feeling these colors are going to be wasted. You might see the color when you apply thermal paste to your CPU, but it’ll disappear once you’ve clamped your CPU cooler into place.

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The specs of the new Cryofuze 5 range are similar to those of Cryofuze Violet, with Cooler Master claiming the pastes have the same thermal conductivity rating of 12.6W/mK (Watts per meter-Kelvin). Cooler Master says the pastes also have the same stable temperature range, going from -50°C to 240°C. Comparatively, ARCTIC’s acclaimed MX-4 paste has a claimed thermal conductivity of 8.5W/mK.

Six colors will be available, including blue, black, white, yellow, red, and green (which looks more turquoise to me) options, and the colors certainly look bright in the photos of the paste being applied to an Intel engineering-sample CPU, which can be seen on the Cooler Master China website.

Cooler Master Cryofuze colored thermal paste

If you run the site through Google Translate into English, it’s also weirdly described as “AI thermal paste,” but Cooler Master has rightfully clarified in a post on X (formerly Twitter) that “there is no such thing as ‘AI thermal paste.’”

In the statement, the company claims that the “reference to ‘AI competitive’ on our Chinese site was an error and does not accurately represent the capabilities of Cryofuze 5.” You do have to ask why AI was even mentioned at all, though – it might be the tech buzzword of the moment, but using it to sell thermal paste is a bit of a stretch.

Cooler Master Cryofuze colored thermal paste with spatula and packaging

Cooler Master describes Cryofuze 5 as its “best thermal paste yet,” and a box of the colorful goo comes with an application spatula, as well as 3g of paste in the tube. It’s certainly the most attractive thermal paste we’ve seen, even if those colors won’t be seen once you’ve fitted your heatsink.

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