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Cooler Master just revealed a PC that literally no one asked for

Fancy a giant sneaker as your gaming PC? Me neither, but Cooler Master sure thinks the Sneaker X Bounce PC is worth shouting about.

Cooler Master Sneaker X Bounce

Of all the stories I expected to cover in 2024, the release of a giant, sneaker-shaped gaming PC that also looks like a rabbit wasn’t one of them. Granted, gaming PCs designed like sneakers aren’t anything new, but there is yet to be a design quite so unique as the Sneaker X Bounce from Cooler Master.

Before I get into my opinions on the Sneaker X Bounce, major credit has to be given to both Cooler Master and graffiti artist Bounce, for the originality of this design. While it won’t be to everyone’s tastes, it takes a lot of bravery to bring a PC like this to the market and it no doubt has an audience.

Cooler Master has been tight-lipped with the exact specs of this PC but did reveal that it contains an Nvidia GeForce RTX 40-series graphics card. Some other nuances from the case design include the bunny ears being detachable wireless speakers, which can be controlled via one of the dials featured on the case.

The other dial appears to control the brightness of the LEDs, of which there are plenty. It has light-up eyes, an RGB case fan, underglow lighting, and even audio-reactive RGB running down towards the tip of the sneaker.

This Sneaker X Bounce PC is part of Cooler Master’s ‘Be Different’ line – how appropriate – which was launched to bring expressive case mods to a community who may not have the time or know-how to do their own modding.

Graffiti artist Bounce is a very talented individual, this isn’t up for debate, but this design – for me – is a swing and a miss. The color scheme is too loud, and the practicality is non-existent, even with some cool features like the removable speakers.

However, art is subjective, and this may be someone’s dream design. If you’d be keen to own one of the Sneaker X Bounce PCs, only 1,000 are being made, with no price or purchase details currently available.

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The Sneaker X Bounce is part of the Cooler Master Tech Experience 2024, and more could be revealed about the machine during CES 2024 which we will be covering on PCGamesN, including hands-on coverage from the show floor in Las Vegas.