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Stardew Valley-like Coral Island is getting multiplayer and mod support

"We will be implementing several modes, including four-player online farms and couch co-op, to name a few"

If you love farming games, simulation games, and chilling in the sunshine while tending to (virtual) crops and critters, you might have heard of Coral Island. It’s an upcoming PC game that’ll have big appeal for Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley fans, but with its own, distinctly tropical twist. It’s been smashing its Kickstarter so far, and now it’s hit even more stretch goals – so, multiplayer and modding support are on the way, too.

“Not even halfway through our campaign, and you, our backers, have helped us reached the multiplayer stretch goal!” the folks at Indonesia-based studio Stairway Games have announced. Explaining what multiplayer Coral Island-style will look like, the devs say they’ll be “implementing several modes, including four-player online farms and couch co-op, to name a few”.

This means you’ll be able to “collectively progress through the game with your friends and see who can make the most gold, or race to see who will win someone’s heart first!” So, it looks like the title’s multiplayer will offer a few different formats to suit those keen to play side-by-side with pals as well as with buddies that are online.

Additionally, the devs have announced that  – as of this past weekend – the mod support stretch goal has also been unlocked. There aren’t details on what kind of mods the game will support just yet, but the studio says it’ll approach creating modding tools by first working out which parts of Coral Island its players would like to get modding the most.

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“From there, a full-time developer will be assigned to continually expand moddable parts of the game,” the devs say, adding that they’re “extremely excited to see what the modding community will create for Coral Island!”

There are still 14 days left to go in Coral Island’s Kickstarter campaign, with future stretch goals aiming to bring things like more characters, a “merfolk kingdom” (with a festival, more questlines, and dateable merfolk included), and a new biome to the game if reached in the future. There’s no release date for the game just yet, but its Steam page says its planned launch is set for sometime in 2021.