Forget Amazon Prime Day, Corsair’s wireless gaming mouse is under $30

Get an accurate and compact rodent for up to 30% less today

Choosing the best wireless gaming mouse over a wired option is key if you need a helping hand to manage cables, or want a device that's easy to take on the go with the best gaming laptop. Corsair's Katar Pro Wireless may look small, but its optical sensor packs a punch and battery life is top tier at up to 135 hours on a single AA battery. With its current discount, it's an even more enticing purchase for a budget wireless mouse.

On Amazon US, it's discounted 30%, with a new price of $27.99. It's also on sale for Amazon UK customers, with a 22% reduction bringing the asking price down to £34.99.

The Katar Pro Wireless has a compact asymmetrical mould, shaped perfectly for a claw or fingertip grip. It's not quite ambidextrous with the back and forward buttons firmly on the left side, but should otherwise be comfortable for left-handed gamers as much as right. Its small size, along with Pixart's 10,000DPI PMW 3325 sensor, means that the best gaming mouse pad you pair it with can be on the smaller size.

You have the option to connect the mouse via a USB 2.4GHz dongle or Bluetooth. We’d opt for the latter to achieve latency rivalling the best gaming mouse, however. There’s some subtle RGB lighting near the scroll wheel too, which you can sync with other Corsair devices such as its best gaming keyboard.

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This is a discount that rivals Amazon Prime Day deals, although it won’t be around forever, so we recommend you act fast if you’re in the market for a budget cordless rodent.