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Corsair’s new fans are cooler and quieter, thanks to one small change

With 5mm of extra thickness compared to normal 25mm fans, the Corsair RS Max can push more air with less noise at higher static pressure.

corsair rs max thick fan

Corsair has just announced a new range of extra thick fans, in both 120mm and 140mm sizes. At first, the new Corsair RS Max range looks like an ordinary selection of fans, but there’s one chunky factor that sets them apart. Sporting a leap in chonk factor from 25mm to 30mm thick, Corsair claims the RS Max fans provide more airflow with higher static pressure than conventional fans, all while being quieter too.

While it’s too early to tell if these new entrants will be deserving of a place on our best PC fans guide, Corsair‘s latest spinners certainly have several factors that stand them in good stead.

The main advantage here is the extra static pressure afforded by the larger blades, which in turn makes them ideal for strapping to the radiators used in PC water cooling loops and AIO coolers. This extra air-pushing power can be harnessed to either force more air through a radiator for even better cooling, or to reduce the fan speed and maintain the same overall airflow as a 25mm fan, but with a slower speed and less noise.

Beyond this, the RS Max fans aren’t going to set the world alight. They’re only available in one color, there’s no RGB lighting, and they don’t use Corsair’s clever new iCUE Link cabling system – they just have a conventional 4-pin PWM fan plug. For these reasons, though, these fans are likely to get broad appeal, as they’ll suit any lighting scheme and work with most standard fan-controlling equipment, whether it’s an AIO cooler, a motherboard fan header, or a separate fan controller board.

corsair rs max thick fan 03 radiator airflow

The 120mm variants spin at up to 2,000rpm, while the larger 140mm versions top out at 1,600rpm. Both are typical speeds for these types of fans. You can see Corsair’s reported static pressure vs airflow numbers for the 140mm version above.

The fan blades are also built with glass-fiber reinforcement, and the frame incorporates ‘stator’ vanes to keep the airflow directed forward, rather than spinning around. Meanwhile, the magnetic dome bearings reduce friction and are rated to have a long life.

The new Corsair RS Max fans are available now, though they aren’t in stock anywhere yet. Pricing hasn’t been announced either, so we’ll update this story when we know more.

In the meantime, check out our PC case fan guide, which explains how best to configure your fans to optimize cooling and reduce noise.