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CS2 Premier mode explained - What is CS2 Premier mode?

Symbolising perhaps the biggest change to Counter-Strike a whole with the transition, here's the new competitive CS2 premier mode explained in full

What is CS2 Premier mode? If you’ve played much competitive Counter-Strike over the years, it represents the biggest shakeup to the formula in quite some time. It’s not something will affect casual matches with your friends. Instead, it’s the place to be if you’re really looking to test your skills. Featuring a host of changes to the game’s long-standing competitive makeup, CS2 Premier mode will separate the map mains from the queue. So if you’ve spent years running the same few over and over, expect to have a bad time.

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A player line-up as a CS2 premier mode match begins.

What is CS2 Premier mode? – CS2 Premier mode explained

In a nutshell, CS2 Premier mode (or Active Duty Pick-Ban) is the core competitive queue of Counter-Strike 2.

Featuring a ban system for maps, a new MR12 format, fair forfeit conditions, and a public ranking after ten matches played (complete with a leaderboard), it’s everything competitive CS players have wanted for a while now.

Though there’s bound to be some teething pains as players adjust, CS2 Premier Mode should smooth out and spice up high-level play.

What is MR12 in CS2?

MR12 in Counter-Strike 2 simply means you’ll play no more than 12 rounds per half when queuing in CS2 Premier Mode. That means a maximum of 24 rounds per match, or 30 in the case of a tie.

Introduced following a decade of tweaks that has allowed Valve to “reduce the number of uncontested rounds in a match of CS”, the switch to MR12 means “exciting competitive matches can be resolved with fewer rounds.”

For a bit more context on this, check out our CS2 ranks and rating system explained article.

The map pick/ban phase in the CS2 premier mode.

How does Pick Ban work in CS2 Premier Mode?

The map pick-ban system in the Counter-Strike 2 Premier Mode works by each team taking turns to ban each available map until only one map remains.

In most cases, seven maps will be available at the start of the phase. One team bans three maps, with the other team then able to ban two, reducing the potential map pool to a toss-up. 

It’s then down to the first team again to choose which of the final two maps to eliminate, effectively selecting one that’s played through a process of elimination.

The second team then gets to select the side they play.

It’s a simple system on paper, but it’s one of the most strategic decisions either team can make. With many CS players electing to play the same few maps time and again, diverse teams can try to force an otherwise unpopular map to gain an immediate advantage.

The ranking and leaderboard view of the CS2 premier mode explained.

How does CS2 Premier Mode ranking work?

After ten completed matches, you’ll be awarded your CS2 Premier Mode rank. You build on this rank as you play more matches in this mode.

Your Premier Mode rank is public and is shared on a global leaderboard. It also isn’t specific to each map, so you’ll need to familiarize yourself with each stage in the current pool to avoid dropping ranks simply by landing on a map you’re not as well versed in.

To combat leavers and quitters, your rank won’t be affected if you choose to forfeit a match if someone on your team leaves the match for whatever reason. You’ll be given the option to continue playing. If one person votes to end the match as a result of a quitter, you’ll be returned to the queue.

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