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Counter-Strike 2 custom maps arrive with CS2 update today

Counter-Strike 2 workshop maps have arrived with the CS2 update today, as Valve opens the doors and also drops a new set of CS2 patch notes.

Counter-Strike 2 custom maps arrive in CS2 update today - A soldier wearing body armor and a balaclava.

A new CS2 update is here, and it sees the long-awaited arrival of custom workshop maps to the Steam chart-topping shooter sequel. Valve has opened its map workshop, enabling community map makers to upload their creations for use on community servers or privately in offline mode. The makers of Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2 have also released a fresh set of CS2 patch notes alongside the update, with updates to the Steam workshop and some welcome improvements to gameplay and maps.

“The maps workshop is now open for business,” Valve says in a news post for its leading FPS game. It explains that community map makers can now start uploading their Counter-Strike 2 creations to the workshop, and they can then be hosted on community servers. You can also subscribe to them yourself and play them privately, which will also allow you to jump into them offline.

Alongside this, the CS2 patch notes for Thursday November 2 have rolled out, which include “a bunch of other workshop tool updates, along with a host of other fixes and adjustments.” Among these are fixes for issues where weapons were firing too fast, times where players were seeing multiple gunshots when only one had been fired, and a bug that would cause players to lose their weapons between overtime rounds.

Interestingly, Valve says, “In first-person, dead players will now see their own ragdoll at the server-authoritative lag-compensated position of their demise.” That suggests you’ll now see the point the server actually saw you at when you died, not where you thought you were. There’s also a fix for cases where your eye height could vary depending on how you approached certain locations, which caused aiming inconsistency.

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Knife attacks have been given an overhaul – they’ll now correctly prioritize enemies over teammates, will deal their full damage as intended when attacking immediately after swapping to them, and will no longer show predictive damage effects on the client side before it’s determined that a hit has landed.

On Inferno, Valve has “removed birds that got mistaken for grenades.” That might sound silly, but rounding a corner and glancing what you think is an enemy nade can throw off your rhythm, so it’s a welcome update. Smoke grenades have also been adjusted to a chrome material, so they should look less like flashbangs.

You can check in with Valve’s patch notes for the CS2 update on Thursday November 2 right here via the official Counter-Strike update page.

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