Counter-Strike 2 is hiding a terrifying jump scare glitch

Counter-Strike 2 is set to arrive shortly and replace CSGO as the premier PC shooter, but the Valve sequel is also hiding a terrifying jump scare of a glitch.

Counter-Strike 2 glitch: A soldier in tactical gear aims a shotgun in Valve FPS game Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike 2 will shortly descend and likely become the most-played FPS game on Steam, replacing CSGO. With revised maps, an improved tick rate, and overhauls to buy stations and smoke grenades, frankly, the Valve shooter sequel and Counter-Strike 2 release date cannot arrive soon enough. In the meantime, however, it seems Counter-Strike 2 is hiding a petrifying, jump-out-of-your-seat visual glitch, specifically when you try to claw back some CS2 HP using the health shot.

We already know plenty about Counter-Strike 2 maps, and also the enhanced VAC system that will intelligently target and ban Counter-Strike 2 cheats. But while the Valve multiplayer game is looking absolutely superb so far, there’s one hidden but very startling bug buried in its health system.

Introduced for CSGO, the health shot does precisely what you might expect, restoring a bunch of HP when you’re close to death. An adrenaline-filled auto syringe, when you use it, it creates a brief visual effect to represent that it’s taking effect. In some cases, however, this visual effect doesn’t appear correctly – instead, you’re suddenly greeted by an enormous black-and-pink missing texture, which you can see in the video below, courtesy of YouTuber ‘Akhir Khopdi.’

YouTube Thumbnail

Although the bug is rare, it’s apparently caused by your CS2 anti-aliasing settings. Reportedly, using Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing 2, or CMAA2, for anti-aliasing, can result in the health shot missing texture bug. If you’re experiencing it yourself, changing your settings ought to provide a fix.

CS2 players say they have reported the texture bug to Valve, which is currently releasing regular patches for Counter-Strike 2, so it’s possible this will be resolved in the future. While we wait, however, just be aware that when you use the health shot, there’s a chance a big missing texture panel will leap off the screen to terrify you.

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