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Counter-Strike 2 bans first cheaters, as Valve takes no prisoners

Counter-Strike 2 cheaters are beginning to be banned, as Valve rolls out the new and improved VAC system to swiftly police the Steam shooter and CS2 battles.

Counter-Strike 2 cheaters banned: A soldier in tactical gear fires an assault rifle in Valve FPS game CSGO

Counter-Strike 2 cheaters are facing swift reprisals as the revised and ruthlessly efficient new version of Valve’s anti-cheating system VAC rolls out for the upcoming FPS game sequel. Similar to other multiplayer shooters such as Valorant, VAC in CS2 swiftly detects cheaters and instantly cancels any matches where they might be present. It makes cheating in Counter-Strike 2 a lot tougher to get away with, and based on the first footage, works like a charm.

Like any competitive shooter, cheating has always been present in Counter-Strike 2, with VAC – the same system that also monitors Dota 2 – designed to crack down on wallhacks, which allow players to see opponents through solid surfaces, and aimbots, which enable instant headshots.

With the Counter-Strike 2 release date fast approaching, Valve has already confirmed a new, more efficient form of VAC that will instantly cancel any match wherein a cheater is detected. But with the latest update to the CS2 closed test, we can finally see the new tech in action.

First off, courtesy of YouTuber ‘OzznyCS2,’ we can see how the new VAC shuts down games after a cheater has been detected and banned. The suspected player receives a VAC ban, and the match is quickly canceled at the end of the current round.

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Viewed from another angle, however, we can see just how efficiently the new VAC system performs. Shared by Counter-Strike 2 content creator ‘Aquarius,’ the clip shows how only a single report is required to alert VAC, which then rapidly assesses the accused player’s stats and performance to swiftly hand down a ban.

If you’ve been frustrated in the past with CSGO cheaters seemingly getting away with it, or having to remain in matches where you know somebody is cheating, it looks like Counter-Strike 2 has the solution to all your problems. Combined with the new Valve policies on case idlers – players or bots who simply sit in a match, waiting to get their hands on end-of-game rewards – it seems like the world of Counter-Strike is becoming much more user-friendly.

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