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Counter-Strike 2 “launches soon,” Valve says

Counter-Strike 2 is launching “soon” according to Valve, as the FPS and CSGO sequel nears the end of its original release window, and the CS2 beta rolls on.

Counter-Strike 2 launch date: A soldier in tactical gear fires an SMG in Valve FPS game CSGO

Counter-Strike 2 is coming soon, Valve says, as the CSGO creator marks the 20th anniversary of Steam, and we eagerly await the next generation of the iconic FPS game. The Counter-Strike 2 release date was originally hinted earlier in 2023, but while the CS2 beta has been extended to more and more players, the actual, final date when Counter-Strike 2 will arrive remains debatable. Nevertheless, it’s definitely on its way, and by the sounds of it, could be available imminently.

So, we already know plenty about Counter-Strike 2 ranks and ratings and also how to use the Counter-Strike 2 best binds. We’ve explored the revamped versions of classic arenas, tested out the new smoke grenades, and had confirmation that our CSGO inventories will indeed cross over to Counter-Strike 2. Initially, Valve said the shooter would arrive in “summer 2023.” Given it’s now Wednesday, September 13, that particular launch window is closing pretty fast. But the developer seemingly hasn’t forgotten about the original commitment.

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In a lengthy post celebrating 20 years since the launch of Steam, Valve discusses some of its biggest releases and milestones over the past two decades. The company also recalls 2023 so far, which has seen the launch of a Steam client update and of course the Counter-Strike 2 beta itself. Valve then makes a little nod towards Counter-Strike 2’s coming arrival.

“The year isn’t quite over,” Valve says, “but so far we’ve released a huge Steam Client update, Counter-Strike 2 entered into beta (and launches soon) and there are now more than 11,000 titles verified or playable on Steam Deck.”

Counter-Strike 2 launch date: A statement from Valve regarding the launch of CSGO sequel Counter-Strike 2

It’s only a small hint, but given the most recent CS2 update, which extended Counter-Strike 2 beta access to anyone with a CSGO Prime account (meaning they purchased the game before it went free to play), it seems likely that Counter-Strike 2 will arrive any day now. Here’s hoping.

In the meantime, find out everything you need to know about Counter-Strike 2 skin transfer, and how they’ll work and be valued in the coming sequel. Similarly, you’ll want to bag yourself all the best Counter-Strike 2 crosshairs to give your guns some much-welcome flair.