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Counter-Strike 2 refunds end a lifetime of misclicks

Valve announces Counter-Strike 2 refunds are being included in the hugely anticipated Steam shooter, meaning you’ll be able to sell back weapons and equipment.

Counter-Strike 2 refunds - a bearded man in sunglasses frowns sternly.

I won’t be the best Counter-Strike 2 player, I’ll freely admit it. My natural aiming and movement skills are much better suited to some of the other top FPS games out there than the tactical angles and snap headshots that Counter-Strike 2, much like its previous entries, will demand of me. However, Valve has just saved me from one of the easiest mistakes to make with the introduction of refunds for Counter-Strike 2.

Even with the promise that Counter-Strike 2 is noob friendly compared to its predecessor, I know I’m always prone to panicking during the buy rounds and misclicking what I want in the heat of the moment. Not only have I wasted my hard-earned money, but now I’m going to try and play a round using a gun I’m no good with and put myself further in the hole. Fortunately, it seems my woes are about to be over.

“Bought the wrong thing? Meant to buy a different weapon, armor, or grenade?” The Counter-Strike 2 Twitter account brings your salvation: “Sell your purchase back and buy again (during buy time).”

Tweet from the CounterStrike account: "Bought the wrong thing? Meant to buy a different weapon, armor, or grenade? Sell your purchase back and buy again (during buy time)."

As someone with an itchy purchase finger, I’m very happy to see this news. One of the biggest names in FPS games and Counter-Strike, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, simply comments, “Holy s**t they’re doing it.” Another big name in the Counter-Strike scene, Ludwig ‘Anomaly’ Lagerstedt, exclaims “Yeeeees finally refunds.”

It’s good to see Valve continue to make additional tweaks and improvements, bringing Counter-Strike 2 in line with features offered by rival games such as Riot’s Valorant (which also allows players to sell back weapons bought in error). As the list of Counter-Strike 2 changes racks up, this is just another reason for me to look forward to launch. Now all I have to worry about is my aim.

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