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Counter-Strike 2 is so popular, Valve is adding “more server capacity”

Valve has just released Counter-Strike 2, the successor to the ever-iconic FPS Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and more server capacity is already needed.

Counter-Strike 2 server capacity: an old black computer monitor with gameplay of an older Counter-Strike game sits atop a desk

Counter-Strike 2 has finally arrived, and it’s one of the biggest games to come out of this year’s long list of massive releases. The game dropped as a free upgrade to Counter-Strike Global Offensive, but its player count did the opposite. After just an hour, CS2 had more players than all of Steam’s other top nine played games behind it combined. It has now been a full day, and the popularity is only soaring higher. Valve has just revealed that the server capacity was exceeded in multiple regions.

That’s right, there are way too many players trying to get into a match right now. “Turns out a lot of you want to play Counter-Strike 2,” Valve writes regarding its newly released FPS game.  “If you’re having trouble finding a match it’s because we’ve hit server capacity in different regions.” In order to resolve the unexpected capacity issue, the developer is working on adding more quickly.

Counter-Strike 2 server capacity Tweet from Valve explaining how too many players are in and how new server capacity is underway

“We’re adding more server capacity as fast as possible, ” the developer continues its post. With how the current Counter-Strike 2 player count is soaring, the decision to add more server capacity couldn’t come at a better time. Around a million players have been in-game since CSGO became CS2, and the game is still Steam’s top-played entry now beating some of 2023’s other behemoth releases like Baldur’s Gate 3 or even the more recent Starfield.

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Valve finishes its statement by thanking players, saying, “Thanks for your patience while this is being addressed.” Right now, it looks like Counter-Strike 2 may actually beat out CSGO’s own top peak player count soon. The older game’s all-time peak on Steam’s official charts was 1,818,773 back in April. CS2 has already gotten quite close, and it hasn’t even been available to the public for a full week.

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