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Dust 2, Mirage, Train - CS:GO’s maps are a-changin’

CS:GO maps gets some big tweaks with the latest update

It looks like several of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps have seen pretty big changes in the latest CS:GO update. Dust 2, Train, and Mirage have been on the receiving end of the more game-changing tweaks, but Cache and Studio have seen some adjustments, too.

As spotted by our sister site The Loadout, the CS:GO Dust 2, Mirage, and Train updates have arrived as part of the latest patch developer Valve’s rolled out. First up, the FPS game’s Mirage map has seen the most substantial adjustments. The devs have added an “AWP wallbang spot” by the Palace scaffolding, meaning players who stop there are now vulnerable to attacks from within the building.

In addition, the T entrance to mid is now wider than before which should give a better view of connector, and the B site balcony’s trim is now lower than it was pre-update, revealing jump peeks more obviously to the T-side. Plus, you can now find a bench in mid “allowing [you to] jump up to window boost spot/peek towards cat”.

For Dust 2, there’s a tweak to the skybox above the B site halls. It’s been opened up, meaning it now offers an opportunity to terrorists to smoke and Molotov away, flashing the site at the same time. Neat.

Similarly, the “skybox over building separating Ivy/A site” in the Train map has been opened up, and there are various “visibility improvements” and “minor bug fixes”, too.

But that’s not all – Cache also gets some improvements to visibility, as well as an updated radar, minor bug fixes, and some “optimisations”, while Studio sees a fix for bomb detonations not doing what they’re supposed to do – meaning, dealing damage to players – and other improvements and minor bug fixes.

There are a handful of other miscellaneous tweaks alongside the map changes. Head over to the CS:GO website here if you’re keen to check out the patch notes in full. Take a look at the Counter-Strike 2 maps to see how different the maps are in the new FPS game.