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New CSGO Discord bot records and auto-shares all your best kills

As the Counter-Strike 2 launch date nears, a new CSGO Discord bot arrives, so you can record and automatically share your best MM moments in the Valve FPS game.

New CSGO Discord bot records and auto-shares all your best kills: A soldier in tactical gear fires an assault rifle in Valve FPS game CSGO

The Counter-Strike 2 release date might be on its way, but there’s still plenty happening in CSGO, Valve’s tentpole FPS game that has brought so much joy over the last decade. Earlier this week, we saw one of the most unbelievable Counter-Strike kills of all time. How perfect then, that a new CSGO Discord bot should arrive shortly afterwards, allowing you to record and automatically upload your finest moments in match-making, and perhaps those many humiliating deaths via the Overpass snipe spot.

A passion project by CSGO player ‘Run1e,’ the new Global Offensive Discord bot allows you to capture CSGO kills without downloading third-party software (other than Discord, of course). Named ‘Striker,’ Run1e has the put bot into open source, and also provided instructions on how to make it work.

Firstly, invite the bot to your own Discord server. Then, when you boot up CSGO, head to your match list and copy and paste the matchmaking code to the bot, as if sending a Discord message. Striker will then automatically detect each player in the match, and offer the choice of which person you want to record. You can also customise it based on rounds, choosing precisely which rounds you want to record or not record.

I built a Discord bot that can record your matchmaking highlights
by u/Run1e in GlobalOffensive

Once capture is completed, Striker will process your footage (it takes about a minute) and automatically post it into your server as a viewable clip. It’s a decent, quickfire solution to capturing your top Counter-Strike moments, including that wild CSGO kill I mentioned earlier.

If you want to try out Striker, you can go right to the bot’s Discord and invite it from there. Alternatively, the open-source version is available from Run1e’s github.

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