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Stardew Valley and Valheim collide in new Studio Ghibli style RPG

Cozy Crest is an adorable upcoming new game from developer Unlaed, and it's like a beautiful blend of Fable, Stardew Valley, and Valheim.

Cozy Crest: A large open space with a lake and lush forests

Cozy Crest, originally dubbed Fablefield, is a stunning new game from independent developer Unlaed. It blends Fable’s fantastical role-playing vibes with farming and survival mechanics found in games like Stardew Valley and Valheim, making for a uniquely wholesome open-world RPG experience. The emerald green setting alone has caught my eye, with the whimsical gameplay only adding to the allure.

If you’re a Studio Ghibli stan like I am, you’ll probably appreciate Cozy Crest‘s beautiful open world as much as I do. The RPG‘s landscape is markedly green, with turquoise bodies of water looming throughout grassy fields and luscious forests. Unlaed himself states that the new game’s art is indeed “Ghibli-inspired” where “farming and elemental magic blend seamlessly.”

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These two features are what the developer feels sets the upcoming RPG apart from other games such as Stardew Valley and Valheim. The game allows you to do a little bit of everything found in both fantasy and role-playing entries, like cultivating mystical crops, harnessing the elements, and developing “heartfelt relationships.” This elemental magic itself is very Avatar-esque.

It draws on air, earth, fire, and water to give players abilities. Use air to glide through mountains, water to swim through large bodies, earth to climb rocky terrain, and fire to blaze through the ground. These powers are sure to help as you work to recover the land’s magic, delve deep into Cozy Crest’s elemental dungeons, and piece together “ancient mysteries.”

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If you’re wondering about relationships in-game, the dev states that there are “over 20 mysterious characters,” each with their own unique quests and stories. Just like in Stardew, you’ll be able to attend festivals with them and even marry one of Cozy Crest’s 12 romance candidates. Once you’re married, “your partner will live with you on your mystical farm and help you in your journey.”

The best part, in my opinion, is the fact that Unlaed plans to make the new game co-op, just like both Stardew and Valheim. That’s right, up to four players can run a magical farm together and collaborate in building, decorating, questing, and more. Unlaed also reveals that friends will be able to build entire communities together from the ground up, with a variety of farms and homes.

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I’m thrilled to see crafting, farming, fishing, and role-playing join forces in such a visually appealing game, and I’m hopeful about Unlaed’s RPG. It seems like the cute open-world experience has caught the eye of many similar minds, as you can look through the upcoming game’s official subreddit for questions, answers, and threads simply sharing in on the excitement.

Unlaed has yet to reveal a specific release date, but the dev does state the current plan is to release Cozy Crest sometime in 2024. Right now, he is looking to first launch the game on Steam in early access with a possible alpha build before then. You can stay involved with the RPG’s growing community on Discord, where the dev will notify members once there’s more news.

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While you wait for more Cozy Crest news to pop up, you can browse our list of the most wholesome relaxing games out there available right now. Alternatively, you can opt to check out a few of these other great games like Stardew Valley for some similarly cozy farming vibes. There’s no better time than now for us chill gamers, it seems.

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