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Payday 3’s bizarre FPS rival is finally coming to Steam with free DLC

Crime Boss Rockay City is smashing onto Steam shortly with a new price and you’ll get to play all the game’s DLC for free. With a catch.

Payday 3's bizarre FPS rival is finally coming to Steam with free DLC: Michael Madsen wears a big cowboy hat in Crime Boss: Rockay City.

There’s something about pulling off a heist that calls to people. From Oceans series of films to the best missions in GTA 5 and entire games like the Payday series, getting in, grabbing loot, and getting out is an enduringly appealing concept. 2023’s Crime Boss: Rockay City revolves entirely around stealing stuff while being surrounded by a stellar cast, and it’s coming to Steam soon.

Originally an Epic Games Store exclusive, Crime Boss: Rockay City has quietly been building a community around itself in the year since launch. Now it’s time to head to the big storefront, with an upcoming Steam release coinciding with a permanent slash in the game’s price. The crime game isn’t going to break your bank anymore, that’s what you’ll be doing to other people.

In addition to getting your hands on the game for a reduced price, players will also be able to try out every piece of DLC which has been released for it. This free access comes with a small catch, however, as it’ll be a time limited event and currently there’s no end date available. Still, it means you’ll be able to check out Dragon’s Gold Cup, the Tactical Weapon Pack, and the Heavy Hitters Pack without paying a penny extra for a while. It also appears you’ll be able to play the upcoming Cagnali’s Order DLC for free too, as it’ll launch on the same day the game does.

If spending your time with legendary actors like Michael Madsen, Danny Glover, Kim Basinger, Danny Trejo, and er, Vanilla Ice is your thing, then you won’t have to wait long to dive into the game on Steam. Even before the official launch, there’ll be a playtest for Crime Boss: Rockay City from Thursday June 6.

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Crime Boss: Rockay City will launch on Steam on Tuesday June 18 and at the new lower price of $19.99 / £15.99 /€19.99. You’ll be able to play the DLC for free and if you’d like to check out the game, or sign up for the playtest starting tomorrow, head over to the Steam page right now.

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