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Crusader Kings 3 gets a patch for weird-looking eyes

The latest hotfix for Crusader Kings 3 should make characters' eyes look more natural, and it fixes a few annoying bugs too

A king with improved eyes appears in the character panel in Crusader Kings 3.

There’s a hotfix available now for Crusader Kings III that addresses an important issue with the medieval grand strategy game: eyeballs. More specifically, the patch makes the areas around characters’ eyes look more natural and human, but there’s more going on under the hood than meets, well, the eye.

Paradox says that in addition to improving the cosmetic appearance of characters’ eyes, it’s also reworked the DNA of various historical characters in order to address some problems the game had rendering their eyes, as well as those of their children. The result is subtle, but quite nice: characters’ eyes appear much warmer now – more at home in their faces, if you will. You can see the new look on King Rurik ‘Troublemaker’ of Garðaríki in the image above.

Improved eyeballs and eyeball DNA aren’t the only improvements in the latest Crusader Kings hotfix, however. Version also adds some missing localisation for Spanish, Korean, and Russian languages, and removes some debug text that had been appearing in the game.

It also fixes a handful of bugs, such as one that prevented players from unpausing the game whilst petitioning a liege (and hey, that can take a while – life has to go on, right?). On that note, a bug that caused the game to display you in your own court while petitioning your liege has also been corrected, as have bugs with an artefact-related murder scheme and a soft-lock that could happen if you died during a court event (such as an ill-advised duel with a wild-eyed veteran).

Finally, the team has also fixed a bug that locked out the UI while you’re attempting to adopt a new court language. Phew!

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