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Get the Crusader Kings 3 Game of Thrones total conversion mod today

Crusader Kings, the massive strategy game from Paradox, has a gigantic Game of Thrones total conversion mod, and it’s finally out and available today.

Get the Crusader Kings 3 Game of Thrones total conversion mod today: A king in a crown stands in front of the Game of Thrones map from Crusader Kings 3

After so much waiting, the sweeping and extremely professionally-made Game of Thrones total conversion mod for Crusader Kings 3 finally launches today, turning the whole Paradox strategy game into a reimagining of Westeros, and a battle between Robert Baratheon and Eddard Stark against Aegon Targaryen. Developed by the CK3AGOT team, this is one of the best Crusader Kings 3 mods, and a dream come true for both CK3 players and fans of George R. R. Martin’s books and HBO series.

Frankly, the Crusader Kings 3 Game of Thrones mod is so expansive, it’s hard to know where to start. The map, a faithful recreation of Westeros, is about 87% the size of the base CK3 map, featuring 6,100 baronies and over 1,000 playable counties.

There are 40 different cultures and the vast majority of all the Westerosi religions. You can customise your character’s house, choosing from either an existing Game of Thrones ancestry or reviving one that has faded into history. Your background will have a significant impact on your play style – becoming a knight, for example, will give you added prestige and dread. You can check out the whole map below:

Get the Crusader Kings 3 Game of Thrones total conversion mod today: A Game of Thrones map of Westeros from strategy game Crusader Kings 3

There are hundreds of custom-made in-game events, and the dev team plans to add to these in the future as the map is expanded to include more of Essos. 700 custom character portraits have been produced, covering almost the entirety of the Game of Thrones cast, and the mod even has its own 14-song soundtrack.

Mechanically, Crusader Kings 3 Game of Thrones is centred around the ‘mega wars’ system, whereby conflicts in one region can organically spread to another, encompassing the entire Westerosi map. If your liege goes to war, you have the option to choose your side, though picking wrong could result in the loss of land or even your family.

If you become ruler of the Iron Throne, you can appoint vassals and nobility to the Small Council, with your various castellans coming with different abilities that can aid in your leadership. You can also choose to command the The Night’s Watch, performing raids beyond the wall to try and break the 8,000-year-old deadlock.

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CK3AGOT launches today, April 14, and will be available either from the Steam community page or via the mod’s official site, for those who do not own CK3 through Valve’s store. In short, this is a transformative, deeply impressive mod that both maintains and adds to Crusader Kings 3 with in-depth Game of Thrones lore and style.

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