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Crusader Kings 3 DLC Legacy of Persia adds a wealth of Iranian content

New Crusader Kings 3 DLC Legacy of Persia arrives today, adding a struggle for power in Iran alongside additional decisions and buildings.

Crusader Kings 3 Legacy of Persia DLC - A bearded man in traditional Iranian clothing.

New Crusader Kings 3 DLC Legacy of Persia is here, bringing a wealth of new decisions, interactions, buildings, traditions, and conflicts based on the region of Persia – known today as Iran – to one of the most iconic historical grand strategy games on Steam. Marking the final part of the Crusader Kings 3 Chapter 2 pass, Legacy of Persia puts you in the heart of the struggle for the Iranian heartland.

Crusader Kings 3 is already a behemoth, boasting a fantastic 92% ‘very positive’ user rating on Steam and a 9/10 in our very own Crusader Kings 3 review, cementing its place among the very best grand strategy games on PC right now. With developer Paradox having further polished and tweaked it, it’s only got better since, and Legacy of Persia is the latest in its line of add-on packs building further on that.

In Crusader Kings 3 Legacy of Persia, you’ll deal with the Iranian Intermezzo. With the Abbasid Caliphate declining, the rulers of Iran are set upon confirming independence for the region. You’ll have to decide whether you set about forging a whole new empire, subjugating the Caliphate for your own benefit, or helping it to recover and bring order to the region.

Alongside this, Legacy of Persia adds plenty more regional historical flavor. There are new decisions and interactions to be made, new buildings for rulers in the Persian region, and content that highlights “the importance of clan leadership and protecting the frontier regions.”

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There are also new Iranian traditions, which include a range of powerful buildings designed to transform barren lands into wealth-generating prospects, along with unique Court Scholars and Men-at-Arms. Finally, a bundle of eight new music tracks, redesigns for Persian clothing and buildings, and even a thematic twist to the UI rounds out the package, making this a robust addition to the best Crusader Kings 3 DLC.

Crusader Kings 3 Legacy of Persia is out now on Steam. It’s priced at $12.99 / £10.99, or can be obtained with the Crusader Kings 3 Chapter 2 pass, which also includes the previous Tours and Tournaments expansion and the Wards and Wardens event pack. Head here to pick it up for yourself.

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