Crysis Remastered now allows you to lean

The first big update to Crysis Remastered adds leaning and fixes some ray-tracing issues

Like a lot of remakes, Crysis Remastered is built on a combination of previous versions, and as such it’s not wholly the original PC version or the later console version of Crysis. One thing players of the original PC Crysis have missed since jumping into Crysis Remastered is the ability to lean to either side, allowing them to shoot around corners while exposing as little of themselves to enemy fire as possible. That’s back in the FPS game‘s first major update, which also includes a bevy of tweaks and fixes to other parts of the game.

PC update 1.1.0 for Crysis Remastered adds the option to lean, along with (appropriately enough) controls to do it. Mouse sensitivity has been adjusted in accordance with the player community’s feedback, and there are new keybinds for weapons. The developers have also added a new quick throw button for explosives, controller options for the Classic Nanosuit, suit shortcuts for Classic Nanosuit mode, and some new trees to the Sphere and Harbor levels.

Saber Interactive has made some improvements to performance, too: an issue that made ray-tracing cause stuttering and other performance hiccups has been fixed, and improvements have been made to SS shadow and the ghosting effect on objects in shaded areas while ray-tracing is enabled.

Here’s the full list, courtesy of the Crysis subreddit:

Crysis Remastered – PC Update 1.1.0 from Crysis

Saber Interactive has added a new dire warning for its ridiculous ‘Can It Run Crysis‘ mode, since apparently some players weren’t getting the message that it’s a mode that’s designed to be more than any existing home gaming PC can reasonably be expected to handle.

As you can read in the comments, there are still some outstanding features from the original PC Crysis that some players would like to see added to the remaster, but it seems probable that Saber will be focused on more immediate concerns like performance improvements before tackling any additional content.

On the official Crysis Twitter account, the developers say they’ve been listening to PC players’ feedback and that “moving forward, we will be working on achieving the best PC and console experience possible with more updates.”