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Cult of the Lamb update bares it all for Sins of the Flesh

Fantastic Steam roguelike and base-building management game Cult of the Lamb gets undressed for its upcoming Sins of the Flesh update.

It’s been a wild, weird few weeks in the world of Cult of the Lamb. The beloved Steam roguelike from Massive Monster and Devolver Digital recently announced a huge free update, Sins of the Flesh, which is set to arrive early next year with “new features, stories, and more.” Then, the indie game’s developer confirmed it “will add sex” following a social media campaign from players. Now, your camp cultists are preparing to bare it all, and it seems that all these salacious crumbs have only served to boost the game’s Steam rating to new heights.

Cult of the Lamb: Sins of the Flesh is a free update for the fantastic indie game blending a combat-driven roguelike mode with a village management sim. We’ve only been given slight hints about what the new upgrade will bring to Cult of the Lamb, but developer Massive Monster is now planning a series of reveals over the holiday season – and its first has just been unwrapped alongside a Cult of the Lamb PC giveaway.

“Naked and free, ‘neath the mistletoe’s sway, Sins of the Flesh, a joyful display. Followers, liberated, shed inhibitions, in a nudist ritual, festive traditions.” Those are the words presented to us, along with a gif confirming the first feature from the new update, which is indeed a nudist ritual. Your cult followers can be seen dancing around a flowery totem in a circle, wearing joyful expressions on their faces and nothing but carefully placed leaves to preserve their modesty elsewhere.

Cult of the Lamb Sins of the Flesh - Update from Massive Monster: "Naked and free, 'neath the mistletoe's sway, Sins of the Flesh, a joyful display. Followers, liberated, shed inhibitions, In a nudist ritual, festive traditions. That's right! We will be sharing more teasers from our upcoming update, Sins of the Flesh, every week up until December 25th! This week, we bring you.. The nudist ritual."

It’s quite the thing, although in a game where you can ritually sacrifice your followers to appease the mysterious entity who saved your life, I suppose a little naked dancing is rather harmless fun. Quite how this will play into the recently announced Cult of the Lamb sex update remains unclear, although one developer notes that the addition will be “more of a meme” than any actual X-rated content, and will be optional for players to choose if they want to engage with.

Nevertheless, the continued free updates and Massive Monster’s clear desire to have fun with their community has only further boosted the game’s already high Steam rating. Already holding a ‘very positive’ 94% all-time user rating from over 55,000 reviews, the recent reviews from the past 30 days have now reached an ‘overwhelmingly positive’ 97%. An impressive statistic, to be sure – and, whatever your thoughts on a spot of collaborative camp clothes-shedding are, we’re all very much excited to see what else the new update will bring.

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