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Cult of the Lamb gets its “most feature filled, cheekiest update” yet

Cult of the Lamb Sins of the Flesh is here, marking the arrival of Massive Monster and Devolver Digital's most debaucherous free update.

Cult of the Lamb Sins of the Flesh: An axolotl-like creature stands with an evil grin upon its face, two upside down crosses within its eyes instead of pupils as bright red lightning strikes in the background

Cult of the Lamb is truly a unique gem amid the overwhelming sea of roguelikes and roguelite games available. Massive Monster and Devolver Digital have crafted a beautiful blend of challenging, fair combat and more management-focused gameplay, and it’s only getting better with each patch. The latest free update, aptly dubbed ‘Sins of the Flesh,’ adds more content to Cult of the Lamb than ever before, and boy is it spicy.

There’s no telling where Cult of the Lamb will go next after the indie game‘s latest update. Sins of the Flesh is all about community life and the debauchery that oftentimes accompanies it. While the booze, guns, and sex may catch your eye in this patch, there are many quality-of-life changes and new progression systems, too, you shouldn’t overlook. The dev itself explains that this isn’t just its “cheekiest” update, but also the “most feature-filled” one to date.

You can now follow a more sinful path in-game, allowing followers to indulge in vanity with new buildings, take part in gluttonous rituals, and once well-trusted, join your innermost circle of disciples with the game’s “revamped leveling system” of progression. If you opt for this dark road, you’ll also have access to new doctrines, completely changing the moral course of your cult for the worse, or better if you’re ready to revel in sin.

The Sins of the Flesh update also improves your followers’ lives within the cult overall. With added automation, leveled-up brooms, luxurious buildings, and shiny poop, your cult will start feeling like an organized religion in no time. That’s right. Shiny poop is here, and it has special effects, like making it easier for your broom to level up more quickly or allowing for more fruitful crops.

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Your followers won’t just release shiny poop, though. They can also produce eggs now, so you can raise offspring directly into your cult. Let your followers express their sense of fashion with the new tailor building, and they may just attract a partner to create an egg with. Or, simply take the back seat and watch everything unfold as nature wills it to while you snipe enemies with the new blunderbuss weapon.

If you don’t yet have Cult of the Lamb but find the update appealing, you can grab it right now on Steam for 40% off at just $14.99 / £11.69. For players who already own the base game, you can snag the new optional Sinful Pack for $4.99 / £4.29. This cosmetic DLC perfectly pairs with the Sins of the Flesh update, adding five follower skins (the hammerhead shark, ladybug, llama, sphynx, and tiger) as well as six base decorations, outfits, and more.

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