Cyberpunk 2077 endings – how to get the secret ending

Here are all the possible endings in Cyberpunk 2077

A view of Night City, hover cars, and sky rise buildings in Cyberpunk 2077

Looking for all the Cyberpunk 2077 endings? If you’re already approaching the end of the campaign, you can check out how long Cyberpunk 2077 is, as well as how many acts there are in Cyberpunk 2077. But, if you want the best possible ending, here are the options and choices you’re faced with.

If you are not aware, this guide contains spoilers for Cyberpunk 2077’s story, we do talk about the endings, afterall. Although, we’ve limited the amount of spoilers, to give you an idea of what endings are available and which provide a more positive outcome than others.

This last main job involves meeting with Hanako Arasaka in a classy restaurant, and after you’re done dining on ribeye steak, you’ll pass out and wake up in Viktor’s clinic. Vicktor is on hand to stabilise you and Misty will whisk you off to a balcony to gaze at Night City in all its neon glory. This is where you and Johnny will chew the cud, planning what to do next.

Cyberpunk 2077 endings

This is the pivotal moment where your decision will commit you to five different pathways leading to the ending. Here, you’ll either need to make a final decision regarding V and Johnny, with your choice branching towards the finale. It’s worth noting that each path has one preparation mission, which you need to assemble recruits, if you recruited anyone at all.

Hanako’s path

This option is the only one open by default. You can accept Hanako’s offer and trust a Corpo exec to help you out of your bind. Needless to say things don’t go according to plan and even when you’ve straightened out the complications, you’ll get a rather bleak ending, and unfortunately the path won’t fork out, as Johnny wants no part of it.

Panam’s path

This path is only available if you completed the Queen of the Highway mission and conclude Panam’s quest line. You’ll call on the Nomads for help breaking into Mikoshi, with the path eventually branching regarding Johnny and V, which can lead to a positive ending.

Johnny and Rogue’s path

This path is only available if you completed the Blistering Love mission, which introduces Johnny to Rogue. Johnny takes V’s body and calls on Rogue and the mercs for help breaking into Mikoshi, with a positive outcome for either Johnny or V.

Committing suicide

This is unlocked by making one of the other choices and then reconsidering it. Look down at your hands holding the gun and pills and choose ‘just put all this to rest.’ An extremely morbid and negative ending, that’ll lead straight to the end credits.

The secret ending

This path is unlocked if you hesitate for just long enough on the balcony while considering the other choices. It’ll take a good few minutes for this to kick in, so put the kettle on. Johnny will offer you another option of ‘going out with a bang’ and storm the Arasaka tower, solo. This is the most challenging combat experience in the game and there’s no restart, if you do die, the end credits will roll. Pull it off, however, and you’ll get the Johnny or V positive ending, as well as knowing you’re a badass.