Here’s Cyberpunk 2077 as a PS1 game, bugs and all

Despite the leaps and bounds games have made over the years regarding graphics and gameplay, people still tend to wonder what tomorrow’s titles would have looked like years ago. Halo Infinite’s gameplay trailer soon got the demake treatment after it debuted at the Xbox Games Showcase, to name one example.

Cyberpunk 2077 has got a few demake trailers already, but someone decided to make a new one that’s more reflective of the game’s experience now that it’s finally out. How do you do that? Stuff it with bugs of course. The video starts with you wandering through Night City though it doesn’t take long for glitches to show up – a tree is moving as it pleases, and an NPC is trying to walk through a building.

Things then go the way of Grand Theft Auto as you hurl a mohawk-toting punk from her car, only for her to t-pose and float into the sky, twirling as she goes. Some more shenanigans ensue before Johnny Silverhand makes a cameo to inform you that a particular city needs burning.

The whole thing is excellently done, and you can watch it below:

YouTube Thumbnail

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