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Cyberpunk 2077’s sequel may have life paths that actually matter

Disappointed that Cyberpunk 2077's origins don't have much impact? The sequel is set to deliver more in the way of branching life paths.

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Cyberpunk 2077‘s life paths are so different they seem as if they’ll have a profound impact on your character and the game as a whole. But the further you push into the game you more realise they don’t actually matter. According to a CD Projekt Red narrative developer, the sequel could do better.

Did you spend upwards of half an hour mulling over whether your Cyberpunk 2077 character was going to be a corpo, street kid or so on? I know I did, but the disappointing thing is that your background has next to no impact on this futuristic RPG.

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If you choose to be a corpo, you start the game off in a bathroom with a background character who, for a while at least, the internet suspected was Elon Musk. Play as a nomad and your quest begins in the wasteland. But pretty soon all those paths converge, with no real significant impact.

However, according to CD Projekt Red narrative developer Philipp Weber. the sequel may put that right. As reported by IGN, Weber appeared on the company’s own official AnsweRED Podcast and addressed the life paths’ lack of impact.

“I think this is a thing where, in the future, that’s as an example something we would like to improve. Since I do think we gave a promise there that maybe in the end we did not really sell”, he explained.

That wasn’t the only problem Cyberpunk 2077 had at launch but CD Projekt Red has built on the game to deliver something that, for the most part, lives up to its marketing. Adding branching paths, however, isn’t easily doable.

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Right now, Weber is working on the next The Witcher game so if he does end up on Cyberpunk 2078, or whatever the sequel ends up being called, it could be a while before its released. But it’s absolutely an opportunity for CD Projekt Red to deliver on the promise of life paths.

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