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Cyborgs invade Watch Dogs: they’ll steal our jobs, our spouses and then sell us DLC

Watch Dogs DLC

Watch Dogs has been out for a little over a week – and you can check out how it fairs in our Watch Dogs review – so it’s first slice of DLC has snuck up on us. Unfortunately it’s just another digital trip – one of the games within the game – and it will set you back £3.99/$4.99. 

Conspiracy pits Aiden against secret cyborgs and tasks him with hunting them down and killing them, because cyborgs are bad. I always knew Aiden was cyborgist. 

I guess since there’s already a digital trip where you have to sneak around a desolate Chicago filled with cyborgs, it only makes sense (not really) that there’s be one where the hunter becomes the hunted. Strange to make it DLC, though.

While not pricey, I doubt it’s worth it if it’s anything like the other digital trips. While, as I said in my review, the spider tank trip is a hoot, even it is not worth £3.99.

It’s part of the season pass as well, which also offers a new single-player campaign involving T-Bone. It’s £15.99/$19.99.

Watch Dogs has been Ubisoft’s most successful new series ever, so they really don’t need your money any more.