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Dark and Darker celebrates one year anniversary with a new event

A Dark and Darker anniversary event is taking place where you'll be able to hunt down Wardens for extra treasure, as Ironmace celebrates with its playerbase.

Dark and Darker anniversary event: a man in armor with a sword and shield

Dark and Darker is holding an anniversary event for its players, as the Ironmace dungeon crawler marks a whole year since its QA Playtest 1. You’ll be able to hunt down Wardens for extra treasure, and can even sign up to be a Bounty Hunter for the event, too.

Now that Dark and Darker has been back for some time, developer Ironmace is going to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the first playtest with an in-game event. The RPG game was a massive hit on Steam once upon a time, and it still has a colossal playerbase despite not being on the Valve storefront.

“Time flies, it has been a year since QA Playtest 1,” Dark and Darker Discord admin ‘Graysun’ begins. “Our tavern has grown from a few hundred users, to a base camp of 460,000 in just one year! We have had some ups and downs this past year, but it has been an amazing journey and it is only possible because of your support.

“To celebrate, on Sunday, October 1 we will be having an in-game community event,” Graysun continues. “Some Wardens will be running around the dungeons full of treasure, try your luck and catch one!”

Dark and Darker anniversary event: a Discord message on the Dark and Darker server

If you want to participate in the event directly, simply head on over to the Dark and Darker Discord and go to the Channels and Roles section where you can get the Bounty Hunter role in anticipation of the Wardens running around the game.

Ever since Dark and Darker came back after being taken off sale due to legal issues, Ironmace has been hard at work with updates and improvements to the game. The recent Dark and Darker Patch 1 rebalanced a handful of classes while also making a series of smaller improvements across the whole game.

If you’re waiting for the game to come to Steam, Ironmace has already said that a Dark and Darker Steam return is in the hands of Valve, so it’s unclear how long you’ll be waiting for it on that platform, instead of playing it via Chaf Games as you can right now.

We’ve put together a complete guide to each of the Dark and Darker classes if you want to do a switch-up but can’t decide who to play next, and we’ve also put together the best multiplayer games to play on PC right now if you want something a little different instead.