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Dark and Darker finally rated in Korea following legal controversy

Dark and Darker, the controversial fantasy RPG from Korean dev Iromace, has finally received an age rating in Korea following legal issues.

A hooded man with leather armor pulls back a bowstring getting ready to fire on a dreary background

Dark and Darker may be one of the most resilient games I’ve ever seen. Having been removed from Steam following claims that Ironmace, which is crewed by former Nexon staff, had stolen assets from their former employer, the game is back in business with its own launcher, and has continued to thrive since its release in August 2023. To top off that success, it’s recently received an age rating from the Korean game rating board.

While Nexon’s lawsuit against the Ironmace was dismissed in the US, South Korean police allegedly raided the company’s Seongnam office for evidence that Dark and Darker was, indeed, using assets from Nexon’s upcoming RPG, currently known only as P3.

That, of course, indicates a level of severity, so winning the game rating in Korea is a huge step forward for Ironmace. “Today, after a long wait, Dark and Darker has finally been issued an official rating from the Korean game rating board,” writes Ju-Hyun ‘sdf’ Choi on Dark and Darker’s Discord.

“To celebrate we plan to extend the current holiday sale event for two weeks until January 18 (UTC) as we continue our work to officially support the game in Korea and give our new Korean fans a chance to join in the sale. Thank you very much!”

A comment from sdf on the Dark and Darker Discord discussing the game's new Korean rating

As stated, there is currently a sale on the game, but you won’t be able to get Dark and Darker on Steam as Ironmace remains in talks with Valve. Instead, you’ll have to pick it up via the official website, where you’ll need to create an account.

From there, you can purchase the Standard or Founder’s Edition, both of which are currently 30% off. The former comes in at $24.50, and the latter costs $35. Remember, Dark and Darker is only on sale until Thursday, January 18, so act now if you want it.

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