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Darktide gets a massive new set of challenges and rewards this month

The next update for Warhammer 40k Darktide adds a huge number of new penances and rewards, plus a new baddie who throws poison heads at you.

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Warhammer 40k Darktide is gearing up for its first update of 2024, and it’s set to be a big one. The next patch, which is out later this month, adds an entire hab block’s worth of new challenges, rewards, and more to the grimdark shooter.

The next update for Warhammer 40k Darktide is called Path of Redemption, and it’ll be coming out late in April, although developer Fatshark has not announced a specific date. The title alludes to the fact that this patch for the co-op game is focused on penances, Darktide’s internal system of achievements and rewards.

Path of Redemption adds a new separate 40-tier progression track tied to the completion of these penances. In-game, these will be overseen by Hestia, a robed cleric who’s been silently curating her archives aboard the Mourningstar for some time. Now she’ll be a full-fledged character, with voice lines you’ll hear during missions.

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To make sure everyone still has plenty to do, the update also adds more than 200 new penances, and Fatshark says these have been designed to give players more agency. There are rewards for different kinds of behaviors and gameplay approaches now, and the new ones are “more player-driven and less focused on the grind,” Fatshark explains.

Another nice touch in this update is the new in-mission overlay section devoted to tracking both penances and Sire Melk’s contracts, so you can see what you’re close to and which contracts you have open at any time.

Path of Redemption has a few more tricks up its greasy sleeve, too. Fatshark says players can expect to find new puzzles scattered throughout the hive, as well as a new condition called pox gas. If you’re wondering who’s responsible, it may be a new enemy type called the Dreg Tox Bomber, who hurls blight grenades that spread toxic fumes. It’s also worth noting that these grenades are made from human heads – plenty of those to go around in Hive Tertium, after all.

Along with all these new challenges and dangers comes a bevy of new rewards. There are more than a hundred new earnable rewards in the update, including insignias, portrait frames, emotes, poses, weapon trinkets, and cosmetics. There’s also a new type of reward called titles, which allow players to display some of their most impressive feats.

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