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How Darktide trust levels work

Everything you need to know about Darktide trust levels, including how to gain them and at what level facilities unlock in the central hub area

Darktide trust levels: two corrupted Ogryns are attacking the player, with raising his hammer. A soldier below is shooting at some Scabs.

Are you a little confused as to how Darktide trust levels work? If so, you’re not the only one as, while gaining levels is as easy as successfully finishing missions, knowing what each new rank unlocks is a bit trickier as the game doesn’t do a fantastic job of telling you.

With every rank of the Darktide trust levels, you can unlock new facilities and items in the hub area of the Warhammer game. You’ll also gain access to better quality options, including the best Darktide weapons, which you will need to take down ever more dangerous nefarious corruptions from within the galaxy’s walls.

Darktide trust levels - the Armoury Exchange shop menu, with the helmet clad shopkeeper patiently waiting for your choice.

What is the Darktide max level?

The maximum Darktide trust level is 30. Upon reaching this point, you should have everything you need to create optimal loadouts for each character. You will need to level them up individually, but once you do, check out our guide to the Darktide classes which has all of the best builds. It’s also worth noting that Darktide Penances aren’t tied into trust levels.

Darktide trust levels unlock

Put simply, the way you gain Darktide trust levels in the FPS game is to complete missions. By the time you reach level 30, you’ll likely have completed the main story and beat every mission type in the game, but also unlock every single feat for that character and all of the facilities in the hub area.

  • Trust level 2 – Armoury Exchange
  • Trust level 2 – The Meat Grinder (found in The Psykhanium)
  • Trust level 2 – Barber-Chirugeon
  • Trust level 4 – Shrine of the Omnissiah
  • Trust level 11 – Sire Melk’s Requisitorium

That’s everything you need to know about Darktide trust levels. Once you reach the trust levels threshold for all four of them, you’ll likely want to move on to another game, so be sure to check out the best PC games to see the cream of the crop of the most recent releases.