How to get Darktide Twitch drops

If you’re after some free cosmetics to look fancy while you’re doing the Emperor’s bidding, you’ll want to know exactly how to get Darktide Twitch drops

Darktide Twitch drops: a marksman stands in the rain holding his rifle

Knowing how to get Darktide Twitch drops will net you some free cosmetics for use in the horrendously beautiful shooter set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Whether it’s weapon skins or character cosmetics, the act of simply watching the game will have you looking fresh as you tear your way through Tertium.

Twitch drops are awarded to those who watch certain streamers on, you guessed it, Twitch. There is no stated minimum time you have to watch the co-op game so it’ll be a simple mission, in and out. You’ll have a few hoops to jump through before you’re eligible, however, so here’s exactly how to get Darktide Twitch drops for one of the best Warhammer 40K games.

How to link your account and get Darktide Twitch drops

Before you start watching anyone on Twitch, it’s vital that you ensure that your Darktide account is linked to the streaming platform. To do this, simply:

  • Follow this link to connect your Fatshark account and Twitch account.
  • Watch any Darktide streamer with Twitch drops enabled.
  • Redeem your rewards through the loot menu on Twitch.
  • Equip your shiny new Darktide cosmetics in-game and start mowing down the hordes in style.

What are the Darktide Twitch drops?

The most recent drop event ran from 18-20 November, where a Camo skin for the Lasgun was your reward for watching a Darktide stream. We’re unsure when the next drop will be, but rest assured this guide will be updated as soon as we know more.

While you wait for the next Darktide Twitch drop, it’s worth boning up on the best Darktide weapons and which of the Darktide classes they’re best used with. If you want more cosmetics, you can get them by completing Darktide Penances or by unlocking shops by increasing your trust levels whenever you complete missions.

Finally, if you’re wondering whether your time murdering Pox Walkers on Tertium might be improved by inviting your console brethren, check out if Darktide crossplay is a thing.