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Warhammer 40k Darktide patch notes “too many to list,” but here you go

Warhammer 40k Darktide patch 1.0.30 includes more rewarding weekly contracts, wargear sets, lower prices, emotes, and quality-of-life updates for the co-op game

Warhammer 40k Darktide patch notes - a soldier with grey hair and goatee looks down at monitors in an operation room

The Warhammer 40k Darktide patch notes for update 1.0.30 are here, and they’re massive. So massive, in fact, even developer Fatshark says “there are too many patch notes to list in a single announcement.” With a ton of quality-of-life improvements, more rewarding challenges, and easier upgrades coming to the grimdark co-op game alongside a whole slew of weapon balance changes, there’s plenty to get stuck into – so let’s give them a look and see what’s new.

Right up front, you’ll be pleased to know that the vast majority of these changes are beneficial to players on and off the battlefield. Wargear sets are now available for customisation, meaning you can save up to five loadouts – including all your weapons and curios, cosmetics, and your chosen talents. If you’re after some particular gear pieces, you can now acquire specific weapons by mark at the Armoury Exchange.

Changes to Sire Melk’s weekly contracts make them easier to complete, and with higher Ordo Ingots payouts for doing so. You’ll also be able to re-roll tasks an unlimited amount of times to get ones you’re happy with. There will be more available missions on the mission board as well, and the rewards will increase as you ramp up the difficulty.

Prices at the Shrine of the Omnissiah have been adjusted based on item rating, making it “much more viable” for low-level modifications. You’ll also be able to extract blessings from weapons by sacrificing them, then use them on other weapons of the same mark. These earned blessings are shared across all characters on your account, too. In addition to this, consecrated items are now more likely to unlock higher tier perks and blessings.

Warhammer 40k Darktide patch notes - menu screen for the re-blessing option at the Shrine of Omnissiah

You’ll now earn the Emperor’s Gift upon every successful mission completion, with increased difficulty level or additional conditions improving the chances of a higher rarity item being gifted.

There’s plenty of nice quality-of-life upgrades, too. Weapon marks will now all have unique HUD icons, rather than sharing them across a weapon pattern – this means, for example, you can now clearly distinguish between each of the Psyker’s staves. Your inventory and those at stores can now be sorted by item rating or type, and a bunch of character emotes have been added that you can use while in the hub area.

There’s also the aforementioned weapon balancing – most of this aims to buff weapon blessings that were considered weaker, with buffs to several blessings that Fatshark considered “modest or sometimes downright pointless in their old format.” It adds that the team welcomes continued player feedback following the update, and hopes to consider weapon blessing configurations as a core part of its patch rotation moving forward.

Warhammer 40k Darktide patch notes - a character yells as they fire a weapon

Warhammer 40k update 1.0.30 patch notes

Here are the Warhammer 40k Darktide update 1.0.30 patch notes:

Wargear Sets

  • Wargear Sets are now available for customisation in Darktide!
  • Saving a wargear set will save your currently equipped loadout (of Weapons & Curios), cosmetics, and your chosen talents.
  • You can create up to 5 sets, and customise the set in the UI with an icon to designate what it may be configured for or to differentiate them.

Armoury Exchange

  • The Armoury Exchange now has the option available (“Brunt’s Armoury”) to acquire a specific weapon by its mark (Mk).
  • Both Melee and Ranged weapon marks are available once you have unlocked them by reaching the appropriate level.
  • Brunt’s Armoury stocks the most common weapons only (Profane sanctity), and each weapon starts at a base price and scales with the player’s level just like the prices for weapons in other stores.
  • You can now preview cosmetic gear, and weapon skins. You can choose to preview these items on your current character or a holographic mannequin.

Sire Melk’s Requisitorium

  • The Side Mission tasks for both Scriptures and Grimoires have been collapsed into the same task, which will progress as you collect either item upon a successful Mission completion.
  • Removed contracts that required playing specific side objectives on specific Missions.
  • Removed the cap that was in place on the amount of times you can re-roll a given task. The system will continue to re-roll tasks until you have re-rolled all available tasks, which it will then begin again to choose from previously rolled out tasks. The cost of dockets required will continue to increase on each re-roll.

New Contracts:

  • Collect Diamantine
  • Collect Plasteel
  • Collect Scriptures or Grimoires

Updated Contracts:

The following contracts have undergone a rebalance by lowering their required targets to complete while also increasing the amount of Ordo Ingots that they provide:

  • Kill Monstrosities
  • Complete Missions
  • Complete Missions with no player deaths
  • Kill Dregs with Melee
  • Kill Dregs with Ranged
  • Kill Scabs with Melee
  • Kill Scabs with Ranged

Warhammer 40k Darktide patch notes - a vendor in crimson robes with green lights on their mask

Shrine of the Omnissiah

  • Prices of actions within the Shrine have been adjusted. The cost of Shrine actions will now adjust based on the rating of the item being modified.
  • Resolved an issue where an item’s rating would appear to lower in the preview. This was a visual bug only, and did not actually lower the rating level.
  • Consecrating at the Shrine has had cost adjustments, where Diamantine is no longer required to upgrade to the Anointed (Blue rarity) level.
  • You can now extract a Blessing from a weapon in your inventory, which will sacrifice the weapon in the process. After extracting the Blessing, you will earn the permanent ability to use this Blessing on another weapon of the same mark. Earned Blessings are shared between all characters on your account.
  • You can now change a Blessing on a weapon, by swapping out an existing Blessing on a weapon with one of your earned Blessings. Each weapon pattern has unique Blessings available to them, and you can only swap these with Blessings belonging to the same pattern. When re-Blessing, you must choose an existing Blessing to replace on the weapon; if your weapon has another Blessing it will be locked in place.

Mission Board

  • The Mission Board will see an increase in the number of available Missions that appear. We are increasing them from 12 to 16 available Missions.
  • The balance of difficulty, maps, and Conditions / Side Missions has also been adjusted to account for the increase in availability. Timers for regular Missions on the board have been decreased to a max of 15 minutes.
  • The rewards for Side Missions and Conditions are no longer the same values, and have now been individualised. This means that both Side Missions and Conditions will award different amounts of XP and Dockets, which will also increase in total amount awarded with a higher difficulty chosen.
  • The availability of crafting materials (Plasteel and Diamantine) found within the Mission has been increased.

Emperor’s Gift

  • The Emperor’s Gift will now be awarded upon every successful Mission completion.
  • Playing at a higher difficulty level will increase the chances of a higher rarity item being gifted.
  • Additionally, Conditions will also affect the chances of increasing the rarity of items being gifted.

Item Generation

  • Significant upgrades have been made to the foundations of how we generate items (Weapons & Curios), and how they are distributed in the game across different sources.
  • Items Consecrated (upgraded in rarity) in the Shrine of the Omnissiah now have more favourable chances of unlocking higher tier Perks & Blessings.
  • The Armoury Exchange requisition list will often see items with Tier 1 & 2 Perks / Blessings, while Sire Melk’s Requisitions will often have items with Tier 3 & 4 Perks / Blessings for characters at level 30.

Warhammer 40k Darktide patch notes - first-person view of two large brutes approaching, wielding heavy maces

Character Creation

  • A number of visual updates have been applied to the character creation screens.


  • Chosen Portrait Frames will now display for the users / characters that you see inside the social menu.
  • The ability for your avatar to emote has been added to the hub of the Mourningstar. All players now have emote slots available to equip an emote to. Holding the [Jump] key will open up an emote wheel where you can choose an emote.
  • New Emotes – Veteran, Psyker, Zealot: Wave, Thumbs Up, No, Squat, Kneel.
  • New Emotes – Ogryn: Wave, Thumbs Up, Nah Ah, Safety First, Kneel.


  • Added the ability to sort item lists in stores and your inventory, by the item type and item rating.
  • All weapon marks now have a unique HUD icon and will no longer share one icon for the entire weapon pattern.

Commodore’s Vestures

  • Updated the UI when inspecting an item bundle, to show more clearly how to purchase a single item inside the bundle if you wish to do so. Previously this step was inside the Inspect view of the single item.
  • Updated the purchase confirmation step with a much larger text of the item or bundle you are wanting to purchase.

Hunting Grounds Condition

  • A handful of spawns of rebalanced and tuned dog packs will occur during a Hunting Ground Mission, with some tender loving care put into the pacing and general presentation.
  • The Pox Hounds themselves have gotten some attention, with a focus on fixing issues with their movement, smoothing out ragdoll transitions and sternly telling them to not spontaneously try space travel. It’s a work in progress.

Weapon Balancing

All weapon changes listed together with fixes, blessing tweaks, and balance changes can be found in detail on the Fatshark forums.

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