Day of Infamy is holding a free weekend right now

Day of Infamy Early Access

World War II is back in fashion in videogames, and one of the better throwbacks of the past year is Day of Infamy, an old-school WW2 shooter that emphasizes teamwork. It’s holding a free weekend right now, so jump on in and give it a try.

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If you already own the game, now’s a great time to get back in if you’ve spent time away. The free weekend is also featuring double XP for everyone who plays through Monday at 13:00 EST.

Day of Infamy is a team-based, fast-paced shooter set in WW2 and reminiscent of FPS of the oughts that features several game modes. Developers New World Interactive have added an impressive amount of content since they launched Day of Infamy last year, including a Dunkirk map that tied in nicely with Christopher Nolan’s stirring film.

If you try it this weekend and enjoy it, it’s on sale for 70% off at $6.00 USD throughout the free weekend event.