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DayZ pokes fun at disastrous would-be rival The Day Before

Bohemia Interactive made a celebratory post regarding DayZ, but it's reminiscent of The Day Before dev Fntastic's own closure announcement.

DayZ The Day Before: A woman with short black hair wearing a red and black coat with a camo backpack waves, a forest behind her

DayZ developer and publisher Bohemia Interactive is getting ready to celebrate its zombie shooter’s upcoming anniversary, marking a solid ten years since the game’s initial release back in 2013. The multiplayer FPS’ birthday comes directly in the wake of Fntastic’s downfall following its recent rocky launch of The Day Before. This timing has prompted what seems to be a joke post from the DayZ developer poking fun at Fntastic’s shutdown.

While DayZ had an arguably rough beta period and subsequent launch, the zombie game is currently sitting on Steam with an overall rating of 7/10 and very positive recent reviews. Bohemia’s shooter now has almost a decade of feedback and work behind it, with its big tenth anniversary coming up this Saturday, December 16.

In honor of the milestone, the dev has made a post celebrating “a decade of passion, creativity, and the unwavering support of our incredible community.” If you’re not up to date on the Fntastic closure situation, Bohemia’s celebratory post reads as a jest of sorts as it seemingly follows the same format as that found in The Day Before dev’s own studio-wide shutdown announcement.

Bohemia’s statement opens the same way as Fntastic’s and contains the same number of paragraphs. It also closes in a similar fashion, with a look back at all of the studio’s prior achievements. This closing bit hints at DayZ features that Fntastic had promised to include in its own game but didn’t deliver on with The Day Before, such as melee and vaulting.

Tweet from DayZ devs poking fun at The Day Before dev's statement

Responses to the joke post vary, with one coming from the official Rust account saying “Chill out!” Others allege that the situation is simply too fresh and serious to be poking fun at. One commenter says that while he “can appreciate the joke,” it may come at the expense of The Day Before’s staff.

Some fans claim that DayZ isn’t without its own controversies, and thus shouldn’t be poking fun at other games’ launches. Despite its shaky past, the DayZ Steam records speak to Bohemia’s steady work throughout its shooter’s decade. On the other hand, The Day Before was removed from Steam despite its initially impressive player count and we may never see Fntastic make a return to formally reply or jest in response.

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