DC Universe Online lead departs after Marvel MMO cancellation

Following the Marvel MMO cancellation, City of Heroes and DC Universe Online lead dev Jack Emmert has left the studio - as have many other devs

Thanos snapped the Marvel MMO out of existence, now a number of DC Universe Online lead devs too

At the end of May, a Marvel MMO from the team behind the similar online superhero game DC Universe Online was cancelled a year after being announced – which seems to have set off an exodus in developer Dimension Ink and Daybreak Games, including DC Universe Online lead dev Jack Emmert.

Jack Emmert was previously director of superhero MMORPG games City of Heroes and City of Villains and co-founder of developer Cryptic Studios, before becoming director of both DC Universe Online and the Marvel MMO and CEO of Dimensional Ink Games. Emmert has been trying to get a ‘Marvel Universe Online’ MMO out since 2006.

Following the cancellation of the Marvel MMO at Dimensional Ink, Jack Emmert has left the studio entirely and joined NetEase’s Jackalope Games. Unfortunately, he is not the only high-profile developer to have left Dimensional Ink in the last month. Lead content designer Rob ‘Charon’ Frazier apparently left on June 3, amongst a number of other recent departures that has fans concerned about the quality of DC Universe Online going forward.

It’s not all bad news for DC fans, as creative director SJ ‘NerdofPrey’ Mueller departed last year and recently announced that they are now design director on Monolith’s upcoming Wonder Woman game. Nevertheless, it’s still another high-profile developer to depart Dimensional within the last 12 months, so Daybreak has a lot of seats to fill if it wants to make the planned next-gen update.

If you want to see how the Marvel MMO was shaping up before it was cancelled, a few leaked images revealed it may have been inspired by the stylish Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie.

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