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Marvel MMO from DC Universe Online devs is cancelled

You wouldn't like Marvel MMO fans when they're angry, but devs behind DC Universe Online and City of Heroes are no longer working on the new superhero MMORPG

The Marvel MMO from City of Heroes and DC Universe devs is cancelled, again

The Marvel MMO game – that was confirmed last year but was never officially announced – is now cancelled. The Marvel Comics MMORPG was in development at Dimension Ink and Daybreak Games, the team behind fellow online superhero game DC Universe Online, but is now “discontinuing” it to focus on “alternative” projects.

As PCGamesN reported back in November, Enad Global 7 – the holding company that owns Daybreak – revealed in an investor presentation that it had a “Marvel IP based” MMO in production. DC Universe Online studio Dimension Ink was making it alongside City of Heroes designer Jack Emmert, who had a Marvel Universe Online MMORPG cancelled by Microsoft in 2008.

In a press release today, Enad Global 7 confirms that it is “discontinuing” its Marvel game due to a change in “the development priorities”, and will instead “focus on alternative long-term projects”. It had planned to invest SEK 500 million – roughly GBP £40 million or USD $50 million – in the game, but is instead putting this into supporting both The Lord of the Rings Online and DC Universe Online, as well as “new game opportunities with our first party, original IPs”.

Both the DC Comics and Lord of the Rings MMOs will get their previously announced “major upgrades”, including improving the visuals to current-gen standard, with DC Universe Online getting this update in 2023. The cancellation of the Marvel MMO will cost Enad Global 7 around “SEK 230 million in project-related assets”, so it presumably wasn’t a decision that was made lightly.

Either way, once again, Marvel fans hoping for a non-mobile online game are out of luck. Fortunately, there are more than a few Marvel games on the horizon, with the next up being Marvel Midnight Suns from the creators of XCOM and Civilization. Plus, the best Marvel game of 2021 is now on Game Pass, and you can get three months of that for just $1/£1 at the link below.

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